I Close My Eyes

Even when apart I feel your touch
Your fingers entwined with mine
Holding tight, your hand in mine
Your soft caress shivers my spine

Memories of togetherness never fade
No matter how long or how far apart
The look in your eyes, frozen in time
A safe harbor when I am lost without you

Through your eyes I journey
To the dark places in your mind
Forgotten places, hidden places
Opening the doors you cannot

Holding your hand, guiding you
Shedding fears, releasing desires
Fulfilling all that is needed, wanted
Freeing your muffled pleasures

My words course over you and through you
With every breath, every beat of your heart
Building towards excitement and release
Exposing you to me, for me, with me

In these words, in my voice
Is the promise to hold you
Guide you through the darkness
Surrender your longing, your fear

I close my eyes, you are there
I smell your sweet scent
I taste your soft skin
Your hot breath on my lips

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Can’t Shake This Feeling


It’s in your eyes
It’s in the way you look
Two blue orbs shinning
Every time I gaze upon them
I feel myself falling

Towards depths of promise
Toward depths of desire
Toward depths of passion

Your beauty shines through
No matter the covering
No matter the pleading
Beauty and soul on display
Longing for kisses
Holding you tight
Lips meet, passion soars

It starts out just like that
Eyes pulling me down and in
Capturing me in their embrace
I cannot resist their gaze
Their glint and laughter
Binds me tight to you

I feel their warmth
I feel their pain
I feel their joy
I feel their love
I feel your excitement

I try to shake this feeling
But no matter what, I cannot
Longing for your embrace
Longing for your caress
Longing for your lips

Wanting to lie close to you
In the cool of night
Listening to your breath
Feeling your heartbeat

Sharing your pain
Sharing your joy
Moving together
Hand in hand
Shedding the pain
Shedding the past

Moving forward
Only way to look back
With open hearts
With forgiveness
With acceptance
Lifetimes revolve
Within our lives

I keep wondering
Is there a part of you
That feels the same as I do?
Like passing carriages
Each on their own track
Blurred images
Never quite in focus
But clear enough
In the beauty of your eyes

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

On the Shores of Time

Teach Me to Dream

Standing on the edge of the precipice
Looking deep into a sea of clear blue
Eyes reflecting this internal prison
Tidal motions longing for freedom
Buffeting the rocky shores of time

Take a piece of this darkness
Lock it away in bright sunlight
Replacing the part of my heart
You took away when you left

Teach me to dream with desire
Freeing this raging fire burning
Deep inside my heart and soul

With sleep still in my eyes I awake
No longer lost on the shores of time

Moving with the tidal ebb and flow

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Leaping Into Darkness

Joy Pours Forth

Sheltering from the cold and rain
Holding each other for warmth
Eyes looking deep into desire
Welling up like tears overflowing

Fear and desire felt in his touch
Hands roam over her heated skin
Moisture gathers, lust pouring forth
Lips and tongues dance in unison

Held tight in strong arms, safe
Pressed against cold damp bricks
Contrasting the warmth they share
Bodies entwined becoming as one

His gasps urge her on, grasping tight
Feeling his blood coarse and swell
His heartbeat felt with every caress
Straining for release but holding back

Her legs part, sensitive thighs quiver
Every touch reverberating through her
Breath-quickening with anticipation
Desire replaced with animal lust

Pushing forward wanting to envelope
Breasts heaving, sensitive to the air
Shock of cold air replaced by bites
Head thrown back gasping for breath

Fingers move, caressing expertly
Knees weak, clamp shut tightly
Moisture trickles down thighs
Tickling shocks on sensitive skin

Moans muffled by his hand
Tasting and smelling herself
Musky scent fills the damp air
Held as the shuddering passes

Tears of joy pour forth freely
Passion unleashed once again
Fear and longing released
On a dark, cold and rainy night

Hidden away from all, even self
Locked away in the dark corners
Desires exposed and explored
Leaping into darkness together

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

An Adrenaline Rush

Your Breath

I capture a part of you
When I inhale I taste you
Exciting my taste buds
Like an adrenaline rush
You become a part of me

The smoothness of your skin
Silken kisses on your neck
Biting your lip
Tasting your desire

Holding you tight
Arms outstretched
Knees parted
Exposed and open
Your skin moist
Soft and warm

Gazing into your eyes
Pleading for release
Lips parted, swollen
Moist and yielding

Your finger nails bite my flesh
Sweat envelops us
Strong thighs surround
Pulling me closer

Words mumbled
Words grunted
Words of love
Words of lust

Hands caress
Silken skin
Stockings rustle
Unseen sparks
Flicker and rage

Feeling your breath
My cheek hot
Tasting your desire
With every exhale
Your breath intoxicates me

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Thoughts Begin to Wander…

A Picture of Beauty

Thinking of you all day
Getting a postcard from the sea
Brightens the darkest of days
Thoughts begin to wander…

Protecting you from the storm
Holding you close
Giving light to your darkness
Providing warmth through the night

Remembering the sad times
Making our joy all the sweeter
Stolen kisses
Loving caresses
Knowing you are mine

A squeeze of your thigh
Feeling your soft skin
Silk stockings covering
Desirable, sexy, adorable
A picture of beauty

It’s in the look in your eyes
It’s in the curve or your lips
It’s in the way you think
It’s in you, a part of you

Cherishing the small moments
Moments frozen in time
Raptures contained
In embraces and kisses

Longing for the next meeting
Remembrance of our last
Building on it
Exploring, caring and deepening
The bond we are forging

Joyful play ignites passion
Hesitation at the new
Quickening breath at the thought
Excitement of instructions obeyed
The pleasure of realization

Opening our hearts and minds
Hand in hand we stroll
Through the hidden and forgotten
Parts of our lives, of our desires
Reawakening old passions
Discovering new ones

Our journey has only begun
Many miles to go
Many stops to make
Pausing and lingering
Will be the sweetest joy
Adventures together as one

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Rays of Beauty Shine Bright

Whispers in the Darkness

Unseen for clouds and rain that obscure
The mirror of time cuts deep inside us all
In reflection rays of beauty shine bright
Bursting forth with caress and tenderness

Molded in heartache and pain
But unblemished by their assault
Thoughts wonder towards dreams
Held in check by life’s grip of truth

Decisions made and decisions followed
Toward the future with desires hidden
Locked away, hidden from all, even self
Creeping forth in the dark of night

Whispers heard in the darkness
Thundering inside, reverberating
Longing for escape, for freedom
Bound by duty and remembrance

Tiny excursions outward, testing
Feeling the breeze of belonging
Clutching tightly, wanting it to last
Knowing it is but passing in a blur

Once tasted passion cannot be shackled
No bonds can save one from extremes
Harnessing the flicker of light inside
Keeping the embers alight and nourishing

In sleep all is lighted, paths chosen
Many stops on the journey forward
In wakefulness the sadness returns
No longer alone, hope is its companion

A smile emerges and the beauty returns
Glowing with embers of hope held within
Day emerges, clouds part and tears dry
Stepping forth with resolve to find peace

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Surrendering Unto Uncertainty

Rainbow’s End

The rain obscures my vision
Mist blurs all around me
Only outlines glimpsed
Clear enough to move towards

A rainbow begins to form
Colours gleaming in the distance
Its beginning distinct behind
Its end mirrored in the distance

Rainbow’s arch – soaring heights
Lost in the clouds and haze
Rain, like tears smearing colours
Fuzzy edges wafting into nothing

Time becomes static
Unseen details in the haze
Searching, hoping to find
To reach out and feel

Mist and haze surrounds me
Only ghostly visions penetrate
Echoes of the past and future
Moving forward, mist envelopes

Sounds and smells penetrate
Images appear in my mind
Dreams of what was
Hopes of what will be

Wrapping around me tightly
Unable to move, but knowing
The rainbow guides me
Leading me ever forward

Rainbow’s end in the distance
Focuses my heart, my desires
Surrendering to the uncertainty
Floating on the mist of hope

Rainbow colours fade at the edges
But etched bright in body and soul
The sun appears, times renewal
My journey continues onward

Many paths, unknown destination
Moments cherished, moments savored
Without compass, without guidebook
Our hearts leading the way toward
Rainbow’s end

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

A Song in Search of a Tune

Staring at the Rain

I’m listening to the sound of the rain
Mending broken memories running through my brain
The pitter, patter echoing the joy and the pain

Staring at the rain

Your hand holds the thunder
The sun shines in your eyes
Your kiss holds back the pain

Staring at the rain

Longing for the love we had
My heart holds forgiveness
Thinking of how it used to be

Mending broken memories running through my brain
Listening to the sound of the rain
The pitter, patter echoing the joy and the pain
Hoping to look into your eyes again

Staring at the rain
Staring at the rain

Hoping to look into your eyes again
Staring at the rain
Staring at the rain

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

An Open Love Poem For Valentine’s Day

Our Song

When I am alone and you are far away
I close my eyes and I draw pictures of you
Your voice echoes in the caverns of my mind
The gentle breeze on my skin is your caress

The look in your eyes and the laughing smiles
The taste of your lips and the intake of breath
Hold me close in the warmth of their embrace
A spellbound, unrehearsed moment held forever

Bodies entwined in movement is our song in motion
Syncopated breathing, music coursing through our veins
Passionate caresses write our lyrics longing for a voice
Singing through our bodies reverberating towards release

Reflecting joyous memories in kaleidoscopic visions
Fragments of past moments gone but forever there
Shifting passions and feelings, strengthening the love
That washes over and through me piercing my heart

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.