Thoughts Begin to Wander…

A Picture of Beauty

Thinking of you all day
Getting a postcard from the sea
Brightens the darkest of days
Thoughts begin to wander…

Protecting you from the storm
Holding you close
Giving light to your darkness
Providing warmth through the night

Remembering the sad times
Making our joy all the sweeter
Stolen kisses
Loving caresses
Knowing you are mine

A squeeze of your thigh
Feeling your soft skin
Silk stockings covering
Desirable, sexy, adorable
A picture of beauty

It’s in the look in your eyes
It’s in the curve or your lips
It’s in the way you think
It’s in you, a part of you

Cherishing the small moments
Moments frozen in time
Raptures contained
In embraces and kisses

Longing for the next meeting
Remembrance of our last
Building on it
Exploring, caring and deepening
The bond we are forging

Joyful play ignites passion
Hesitation at the new
Quickening breath at the thought
Excitement of instructions obeyed
The pleasure of realization

Opening our hearts and minds
Hand in hand we stroll
Through the hidden and forgotten
Parts of our lives, of our desires
Reawakening old passions
Discovering new ones

Our journey has only begun
Many miles to go
Many stops to make
Pausing and lingering
Will be the sweetest joy
Adventures together as one

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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