Can’t Shake This Feeling


It’s in your eyes
It’s in the way you look
Two blue orbs shinning
Every time I gaze upon them
I feel myself falling

Towards depths of promise
Toward depths of desire
Toward depths of passion

Your beauty shines through
No matter the covering
No matter the pleading
Beauty and soul on display
Longing for kisses
Holding you tight
Lips meet, passion soars

It starts out just like that
Eyes pulling me down and in
Capturing me in their embrace
I cannot resist their gaze
Their glint and laughter
Binds me tight to you

I feel their warmth
I feel their pain
I feel their joy
I feel their love
I feel your excitement

I try to shake this feeling
But no matter what, I cannot
Longing for your embrace
Longing for your caress
Longing for your lips

Wanting to lie close to you
In the cool of night
Listening to your breath
Feeling your heartbeat

Sharing your pain
Sharing your joy
Moving together
Hand in hand
Shedding the pain
Shedding the past

Moving forward
Only way to look back
With open hearts
With forgiveness
With acceptance
Lifetimes revolve
Within our lives

I keep wondering
Is there a part of you
That feels the same as I do?
Like passing carriages
Each on their own track
Blurred images
Never quite in focus
But clear enough
In the beauty of your eyes

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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