Haiku Ten – Eight

This haiku welcomes
Musical orchid delight
In verse melodies

Connections through time
Directing education

Words ignite desires
Passions flow beneath covers
Pleasures of reading

A spring flower blooms
Smiling eyes bursting with joy
Beauty in season

Reasons forgotten
Light dims with every heartbeat
Your touch haunts me still

Captured by your smile
Laughing eyes show me the way
Darkness never dawns

Questions surround me
Answers move into focus
Silence without tears

Laughter without tears
Silence without loneliness
Nothing without pain

Restless thoughts ramble
Shadows whisper endlessly
Silhouettes dancing

On a stormy night
An Old Dark House mystery

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Imbibing Thoughts

This is my third poem for the Facebook Group Poetry in Motion. A picture prompt.:

Interludes and Absinthe Afternoons

Paris café interludes and absinthe afternoons
Imbibing thoughts, tasting flowing passions
Love torn asunder as life slips silently away
Momentary temptations caressing loneliness

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


Motionless Abandon

A Forgotten Life

On an empty stage whispering to an audience of one
Staggering through a deluge of words and dreams
Pain and tears begin ravaging awakening memories
Once lost in pervading mists on the distant horizon

Exploring shadow thoughts through lingering fog
Escaping the darkness of a long neglected mind
Desires flock, wailing in a harmony of loneliness
Shaken from their reverie by a fetid air of despair

A beggar sits, beset with motionless abandon
Reaching into the ruined harbours of rejection
Bereavement shattered with the coming twilight
A sadness feasting on scraps of a forgotten life

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Beggar, Hoboken

Beggar, Hoboken. Photo © Library of Congress

Scorched by Time

Cloaks of Sorrow

A twilight of change envelops
As the fevered light dims
Thoughts become dreams
Dreams become thoughts

A gaping chasm
Its teeth sharpened on experience
Grown with patience
Digested with confidence
Excreted in desperation
Reborn in ignorance

Cloister bells ring
A progression of loneliness
Leading toward emptiness
On a trail of despair
Guided by faith
Blinded by expectation

Marching feet echo in the silence
An army of deceit
Inflicting confusion
And sadness

Spirits gather in the shadows
Wearing cloaks of sorrow
Shrouds of all that is abandoned
Thirsting with uncertainty
Tortured by the light
Wraiths scorched by time

The falling rain blurs the horizon
Its sound drumming a relentless beat
Cutting the dark
Piercing to the core

Memories and thoughts wander freely
The smell of decay surrounds
Between the razored rain drops
Emotions gorging on thoughts
With every memory the hunger grows
Reaching out
Taking hold

Fear lurks
Thirsting for vengeance
Cries muted by desire
Consoled by tears
Subdued by pain

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

As Shadows Harvest

The Stillness

Woken by early morning rain
Pitter patter on the window sill
Thoughts wander
Searching for a hand hold
The wind howls before daybreak

Youthful memories
Warm summer days
Long winter nights
Smell of wood fires
Looking through frosted windows
Feeling the stillness of loneliness

Sleep returns
Restless dreams awake
Always there
Searching for a future

Thunder rouses
Lightning strikes
Shifting shadows
Reaching out
Grasping tight

Cracks in thoughts appear
What might have been?
What could have been?
What should have been!

Another thunderous crash
As reality bursts
Shaking dreams
Memories fade
The horizon narrows

Thoughts of her
A torrent of emotions
Dawn flickers
Lace patterns dance on the ceiling
Stillness and loneliness

A haunting from the past
As shadows harvest
…and dreams

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


Below are several short poems or micro-poetry that I originally shared on Twitter.  Some changes have been made along with a few additions. Each piece was written on its own and are therefore unconnected, each can stand alone.

Darkness weeps from loneliness
The sound of silence frightens
Shadows linger and merge
Thoughts become manifest
As nightmares circle their prey

When sleep overtakes
In the dark desires awaken
Music played from youth
Melodies find memories

Searching for truth in beauty
Within the illusion of reality
Through a cracked looking glass
Reflected from past memories

Beauty framed with light
Thoughts hidden in shadows
In the mood of projection
As time stands still
Eyes searching evermore

Searching in the crowd
Hoping for understanding
Eyes pass me by
Seeing darkness all round
Looking for home
And someone just like you

Tuned to perfection
Fingers on silken strings
Caressing every cord
Sliding to and fro
Sweet harmony flows
As music cries forth

Thoughts whisper silently
Memories lost in darkness
Shrouded in shadows
Voices echo in the distance
Moments thunder with rage
Shattered by her tears

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

From the Maelstrom

The Solitude of Time

Lighted by fear and loneliness
Explored in times of sadness
Relived, regretted and enjoyed
Filed away until needed again

The solitude of time cuts deep
Scared memories hidden away
Side by side with happiness
In dark corners, never forgotten

Moving on but never forward
Abandoning hope, only living
Existence of toil and heartache
Until dark thoughts abandoned

Fear ensues as light exposes
Searching with hopeful eyes
Accepting with an open heart
Infinite understanding in a glance

In the maelstrom eyes meet
Blue looking deep into green
Words exchanged, fears eased
Moving forward and exploring

Kindred hearts and desires
Finding a common language
Understood and unspoken
Relaxed and content as one

Soft lips touch with excitement
Fingers run through silky hair
Words muffled by passion
Search ended, journey begins

Cool of night excites the skin
Heightened by warm hands
Firm caresses ever roaming
Quickening breath and heart

Desires seep forth, tasting freedom
A single touch, endless possibilities
Unleashed, exposed and sensitive
Longing for the intensity of contact

Forgotten pleasures re-awakening
Tears of joy and ecstasy flow freely
Thoughts long held in check, echo
Clutching them closely, holding tight

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.