Shelter From the Storm

Fields of Green

Through streets of pain & misery
Hand in hand with affection
Hearts bruised by rejection

Eyes so bright
Lips so moist
Voice so divine
Your touch electric

Shelter from the storm
Warmth of your embrace
Heartbeat upon heartbeat

Caress of embrace
Hearts entwined
Beating in rhythm
Yearning for release

It’s said love will find a way
Can we break these bonds of strive
And make it through the night?

Taste of your lips
Touch of your embrace
Scent of your skin
Like tears in rain

Longing for fields of green
In a land we will never see
For a love that cannot be

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Sleeping in Ice

The Song of life

Once lush and vibrant
Tears flowed from leaden skies
Lines etched deep with time
Shaping ghostly forms
Now barren and dry

Alone in the sea of space
A world of desolation
Silent and forgotten
Sleeping in ice

Winds whisper silently
Singing the song of life
A tune forged in death
Mournful with remembrance

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.