Echoes Remain

The following poem was written for Debra Lane‘s Picture Challenge that she is hosting on her Blog Words Across the Ocean. To jump directly to all the poems for the challenge click on #PicturePromptChallenge. Below is my entry and below that is said picture.

Hollowed Out Dreams

Hovering between the sky and moon
Twilight lingers and becomes imprisoned
As dusty velvet curtains are pulled back
Revealing torment and darkness beyond

The theatre of a once vibrant life lies silent
Only echoes remain on the empty stage
An ever fading moon weeps into the mist
As shadows wander aimlessly in the gloom

Passions shelter in hollowed out dreams
Decaying desires lay strewn in the wings
A spectre of loss circles endlessly
Temptation and regret soaks the fabric of being

Waiting for the audience that never came
For the playwrights that forgot their lines
Once expectant eyes now stare back in reproach
Desolate and alone, longing for the final curtain call

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved


Reflective Pools

A Stillness Echoes

A moonlit shower bursts overhead
Reflective pools collect memories
Shadows flicker as streetlights dim
Retreating into dark corners unseen

A weary traveller moves aimlessly
Thoughts blur into the silent haze
Time stretches with every footstep
A stillness echoes as ghosts linger

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

A Stillness Echoes

Raging Flames

The Feeling

Captured in still moments of distraction
Blown asunder on gusts of hope and dread
Twirling in the nothingness and all alone
Released, longing for a sweet embrace

Scanning all the faces for their places
Searching for their shared connections
Desires freed on a black starless night
Waiting for one understanding thought

Now mirrored through thick smoke and noise
Shared longing caught within shifting shadows
Heartfelt joys awakening in flickering light
Moving toward silence and final destination

Echoing in the light of a cold November moon
Misty memories merging with bonfire light
Smokey tendrils rise up, mingle and disperse
Burning thoughts reflected in twinkling eyes

Floating towards the raging flames
Dazzled with burning heat and light
Edges scorched with tantalizing pain
A feeling all too familiar and safe

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Remembering Melodies

Etched in Light

Sheltering in early morning fog
Dampness, fearing the rising sun
Chases shadows into the light
Clouds belch from a gaping sky

Excited rustling announces change
Red, purple and gold glistening in dew
Autumn leaves begin their journey
From lighted summer to dark of winter

Time of harvests and festivals
Thanks and giving of many kinds
By the light of an early full moon
Church bells ring in twilight’s passing

From the wandering souls of All Hallows
To 5th of November darkness burns bright
From times past to thoughts of those fallen
Remembering their melodies etched in light

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Lost Time

Down Goldington Avenue

Fingers entwined with memories
Shivering in the cold and rain
On this dark winter’s eve
Waiting for you to take my hand
As I walk down Goldington Avenue

Once we lost time walking hand in hand
On those long hot summer nights
Losing my head with you by my side
Then summer turned to autumn
As the leaves began to fall

Sitting on our bench in the park
Huddling close from the cold
As the north winds whispered tales of snow
And when twilight faded with the setting sun
We made our way down Goldington Avenue

At home we sat by an open fire
Looking out as the rain turned to snow
Watching snowflakes melt as they fell
Your body close to mine, soft and warm
The taste of your lips linger still

What happens when love goes?
A falling star, burning bright then gone forever
Now a ghost running through my empty heart
Your footsteps echoing in the stillness
Haunting me down Goldington Avenue

Staring at the bottom of this glass
I sometimes think I can see you there
Looking up with your deep blue eyes
Never knowing I could feel this way
I order another double before closing

Chasing lost time I down my last drink
Pay my tab and head out into the night
With a shining moon floating by
And joyous memories to guide me
I wander down Goldington Avenue

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.




The Sweet Scent of Spring

Dancing Upon Sunbeams

Early morning fog shrouds the forest in its silvery grip
Smokey tendrils rise up and swirl reaching for the light
Bare trees sway dripping morning dew like tears of joy
The sigh of a new day dawning echoes through the mist

The sun breaks through cascading its rays burning a path
Sunlight dances on the breeze drying all that it caresses
Swollen streams rushing ever onward yearning for release
Blackened leaves float, a remembrance of autumn past

Rustling of cherry blossoms and bird song fill the air
Flowers reaching upward glistening in morning light
Clouds ever shifting, battling for position overhead
Coolness of their creeping shadows felt as they pass

In an ever changing pattern grey clouds move in
Soon a bursting sun shower dampens the ground
With the rain gone the sun returns with its warmth
And a sweet scent of spring wafts through the air

Birds flutter from tree top to tree top basking in warmth
The sky clears; a deep blue canopy stretches forth above
A shining moon hovers in the sky as day and night equal
Butterflies dance on sunbeams announcing spring is here

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.