Pent up energy
Searching for needed release
Time to take a nap

Compelling words heard
Excitement begins to flow
A lost phone number

Searching through the night
Shadows move into my dreams
Comfort in your arms

Grey clouds billowing
Smell of rain is in the air
Bright sun dries the lawn

My vision is blurred
Behind eyes emptiness aches
Forecast ā€“ high pollen

The thunder of truth
In my garden of delights
A shelter from storms

Whispering fronds sway
Under canopy of blue
A stillness descends

Standing on the shore
Waves echoing past
In another place

The candles are lit
Remembrance of the fallen
Their thoughts burning bright

When the lights are out
Shadows move in the silence
Made harmless by dreams

Lonely eyes cry out
Searching for a heart that’s lost
Tears mingle with rain

Copyright Ā© 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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