Silent Bells

Fading memories of past lives linger
Moving in rhythm to the falling snow
Spectres whisper mournful prayers
Shadows lost in unending procession
Cloister walls weep with sadness
Silent bells echo the end of time

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Tintern Abbey from south west during winter snow by W.A. Call. Monmouth Museum identity number M1928.214

Tintern Abbey. Photo by W.A. Call, Monmouth Museum.


Haiku Ten – Four

Soulful eyes embrace
Delicate soft lips to kiss
Beauty in full bloom

Lie back in comfort
Watch the flakes float by and dance
Whispered thoughts of spring

Longing for darkness
Peace and serenity shines
The light of sadness

Echoes fade in light
Shifting winds and silent flakes
A gentle snow falls

The snow has fallen
All rejoiced at the beauty
Then there was silence

Passions sharing thoughts
Amidst cold winds and dark skies
No blossoms in bloom

A cloak of wonder
Unseen to unknowing eyes
Hidden from within

From this point of view
Gazing into eyes so blue
Tears like morning dew

Frosted windows blur
Thoughts stir of days long ago
Your thoughts guides me still

Lost in thoughts again
Memories of you burn bright
Shadows moving in

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Reflective Pools

A Stillness Echoes

A moonlit shower bursts overhead
Reflective pools collect memories
Shadows flicker as streetlights dim
Retreating into dark corners unseen

A weary traveller moves aimlessly
Thoughts blur into the silent haze
Time stretches with every footstep
A stillness echoes as ghosts linger

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

A Stillness Echoes

Haiku Roundup Number 3

Nitrate dreams on screen
Poetry of emotions
Eyes echo silence

Black clouds moving in
Sun dims to a golden hue
Ozone fills the air

Fear without thinking
Believing without question
War of the Worlds

Rain and cloudy skies
A morning chill passes through
Warmth of your smile

Through a smoky haze
Hush descends, music rises
Projector whirls

The look in your eyes
Like music caressing me
A tune without words

Tears tear through the pain
Touch excites, desires weep
Moonlight covers all

With the sun birds chirp
A dance to announce the dawn
Soon silence in fright

Alone in the night
Whispering shadows advance
Stillness lights the way

Hope is all we have
Darkness wraps round holding tight
Comfort in the night

A thunder clap rolls
Rain hisses as it descends
Memories pour forth

Echoes in my mind
Mending broken memories
Pain and joy unite

Music for a dance
Melodic movements entice
Carousel of time

Memories haunt me
Sweet smiles imprison me
Your touch frees my soul

When I close my eyes
Your scent is with me always
A taste of sadness

Words enter my soul
Lost within their clarity
Melodies linger

Dreams floating on air
Golden age of radio
Words free to wander

Cut into shellac
78 RPM

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.