…I Begin to Write

I was asked by Debra Lane to write a poem for day one of NaPoWriMo with word prompt NEGATION. This is what developed…

 Forgotten Words

I find my favourite spot and sit down
Arrange my paper, pens, and pencils
I’ve brought a drink and few nibbles
I take pen in hand and begin to write

…I begin to write…I begin to write…
But for some reason nothing happens
It’s the darndest thing, I try and try
But I’ve…I’ve forgotten the words

I search through the things I brought
Over and over I check everything
But they are not there, they’re gone!
I sit for a moment thinking…thinking

Were they “fish”, “cat”, “bed” or “goat”?
Don’t be silly they are absurd words
Then I think of…of “expialidocious”
That might be close to one, but nope

Now let me think of this logically
They are words I’ve now forgotten
I must have remembered them once
Ha! “time” no that wasn’t one either

What happens to them when they change?
I mean between remembering the words
And the moment I have forgotten them?
Do they fade from knowing to not knowing?

A kind of never, never land for partial words
Do they loose their vowels or consonants first?
Or a combination of both or letters randomly?
That can’t be it who heard of such nonsense?

This kind of thinking is getting me nowhere
And that I know is not one of the words I forgot
I am somewhere and I do remember that!
Might be best to simply list what they’re not

I can see this list will take awhile
Longer than I bargained for surely
I only came here to write a poem
…hello! I feel something stirring…

It’s…It’s…”on the tip of my tongue”

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.writer-wretch


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