Silhouetted Dreams

Corrupted Words

Silhouetted dreams frozen in moonlight
Shrouded in mist, forgotten and forsaken
Sullen and forlorn, yearning for release
Spiralling memories dance before my eyes

Desires locked in delicate disguise
Passions creep from knowing eyes
Whispered dreams escape in a kiss
As moistened lips part with a sigh

A gentle breeze stirs a silent twilight
Shadows fade into silvery moonlight
Rage burns in the early morning sun
Lost in a velvet darkness without you

Rousing thoughts long at rest in sadness
Tainted lives lost in a trail of inked tears
Sorrow pours forth in corrupted words
Breathe in experience, exhale imagination

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Corrupted Words

Misty Autumn Skies

Misty autumn skies
Leaves rustle with gusting winds
Purple, red and gold
Coolness lingers through the day
Smell of decay in the air

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved

Autumn Mist

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Misty Reflections

A Hushed Silence

Glistening from a late September rain
The day wakens to early morning gloom
Leaves bustle from ever changing trees
Freed from confines of their existence

Memories of warm summer days fading
As sunlight dims in the near distance
Thoughts return to those days long ago
With tears of laughter as time washes by

Creaking limbs protest as strong winds blow
Whispering tales of what might have been
With the sweet smell of decay enveloping
Autumn air descends with a hushed silence

Shadowed glimpses of changing seasons blur
Misty reflections of a Harvest Moon ripple
Through the echoing sound of rushing water
Searching for the song of autumn’s passing

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved

Bonfires Light the Way

A Gentle Breeze

The sun lingers once more
With its golden tendrils
Shadows merge and rage
For the closing of day

In the turning of a page
Minds shift and wander
Words fall like tears
Floating in the distance

Thoughts become muffled
Muted by hesitation
Stifled by conceit
Lost in fright

Swaying in the silver mist
Dew drops collect in flight
Sighing with every breath
Pages whisper their consent

A gentle breeze blows
Long into the still night
Sweet music caresses
Nurtures and protects

Summer becomes autumn
The sun dims in the sky
Leaves fall and gather
As bonfires light the way

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

No One Left by Our Side

A poem of the horrors and brutality of World War One…

Where Once Stood Men

Fledgling thoughts murmur in the distance
Whispering with rolling thunder and fear
Pouring rain, seen but rarely heard
Tears, mourning a future that will never be

Lights flash, tearing through darkness
Thoughts turn to wives and sweethearts
Gas clouds roll in, creeping over the land
Shells expose shadows as all run for cover

A red mist hangs where once stood a man
Bloody boots and feet are all that remain
Breathing in vapour, blood, bone and sinew
His life blood mingles with yours

Footsteps sink deep into mud and men
Shells explode all round, a deafening thunder
Comrades fall, their cries felt but never heard
Torn apart and scattered before your eyes

Nostrils fill with a sickly sweet stench
Of rotting flesh, gunpowder and smoke
Hovering in the air, clinging to skin and mind
A lingering memory that never fades

Alone in no man’s land, no one left by your side
Memories of a village dance steady shaking hands
Heart races as fear steers and adrenaline guides
Moving forward with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Flesh, blood and men trampled into mud
A heavy price paid for King and Country
From the dead and dying death collects his due
They will never to their scattered bodies go*

Blood soaked the earth and generations to come
Dreams lost, discarded or simply left behind
Down through the years the survivors followed
Until, like no man’s land, no one is left by our side

*Adapted from the line: “Of souls, and to your scattered bodies go” by John Donne in his Holy Sonnet VII: At The Round Earth’s Imagined Corners

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.