An Evening Tale

By The Fire

Warmth of togetherness
Replaces warmth of season
Huddled by the fire
The winds blow high
The rain pelts down
Thunder rolls in the distance
Shadows move in rhythm
Moving closer
With every breath
Beauty in silhouette
Etched in time

Shapes on the wall
Reflecting past desires
Ever changing
Forever there
Moving slowly
Shadows made manifest

Through the cracks
Desires seep
Passion weep
Long held in check
Ready to burst forth

Smell of sea breeze
Heightens the senses
Holding you tight
Against the storm
Whispering words of love
Words of hope
Words of strength
Binding us together

Soft caresses
Fingertips trace
Lines of longing
Wrinkles of truth
Your skin is electric
Shivering with every touch
Moist and yielding
Parting and opening
Feeling the warmth
Deep inside
Your scent
Guides me
Holding me near

Ethereal visions
Wispy touch on lips
Unleashing passions
Free to wonder
Hand in hand
By the fire

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

It Pulls You In

The Sweetest Thing

A simple word
A short word
Four letters
Yet ever so powerful
Ever so evocative
To put it simple
A word full of hope

Hope for the future
Hope for oneself
Hope for others
Hope of finding someone

Of all the hopes
Hope of finding is strongest
We look for it when we wake
We long for it when we sleep

It is ever present
In each and every one of us
Some wear it as a mask
Some feel it deep inside
Others have locked it away

Loneliness is hopes companion
Also present
Sometimes pushy
Sometimes quiet
But there none the less

Hope is mysterious
Works silent
Hope has stealth
Then bursts forth
Pulling you in

The ambush of hope
Is the sweetest thing
It gives one hope
To carry on
To live again
To love again

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Hidden By Rain

The Girl With Butterfly Wings

Grey eyes bright, shinning in moonlight
Speaking volumes with their silent gaze
Never darkened by the buffeting of time
The girl with butterfly wings

Sitting alone at a street side café
Hearing lovers’ tiffs, lovers’ bliss
Sadness overtakes and wells up
The girl with butterfly wings

People gone, tables cleared
Moving on in a mournful gait
Autumn winds biting deep
The girl with butterfly wings

Tear stain cheeks, hidden by rain
A wind battered and worn heart
She looks for friends, for hope
The girl with butterfly wings

Dusk turns to darkness, alone
Missed out, misplaced, lost time
Beneath a harvest moon waiting
The girl with butterfly wings

Wandering through the mist and the fog
Fingers outstretched caressing shadows
Longing for their embrace of acceptance
The girl with butterfly wings

Heart exposed, open and alone
Some stare, others mock or ignore
The differences they do not share
The girl with butterfly wings

Looking deep into the darkness
Kindling the dwindling light within
Accepting the difference and embracing it
The girl who unfurled her wings and soared

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Life Magazine from 1907

Life Magazine from 1907

Breaking the Silence

In Shadows Born

Dim lights flicker in the night
Rain washes everything clean
Footfalls in unison echo
Two lovers burst into view

Rushing forward hand in hand
Laughter breaking the silence
Gazing into each other’s eyes
Lips meet with electric charge

Fingers entwine fingers
Tingling with excitement
Grey eyes dive into blue
Passion and fear shared

Blushes develops, cheeks warm
Embarrassment as all eyes stare
Moving toward shadows
Pinned against cold bricks

She tastes her desires with want
Sweet scent mixing with rain
Excitement mounts, hearts race
Clutching each other tight and close

Legs part, skirt rides up and exposes
Cool air envelops and caresses dampness
Her stockings rustle as she moves closer
Quick intake of breath, exhaling pleasure

Lingering in thoughts for one another
Unknown pleasures of mind and body
Mix and mingle with questions and doubt
Released from the darkness and exposed

Her joy bursts forth
Tears and release flow
Merging with rain
Weakness envelopes

She trails her fingers through her hair
Clutching one another, bodies entwined
Sharing their warmth and excitement
Easing shudders released in embrace

Painful release of parting
Clothes smoothed and straightened
Gazing deep into each other’s eyes
Moving on into the night

Passions unleashed
Desires released
In shadows born
Moving into light

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Darkness and Light

From Deep Inside

The darkness comes early now
Creeping forth enveloping all
Blotting out the joy and the light
Shivering in the cold and rain

Bare trees surround
And tower over all
Skeleton fingers pointing
Mocking the wakeful hours

Tears flow from leaden skies
Black clouds billowing ahead
Compelling you forward
Enveloping you in its cold grip

Feeling abandoned
Feeling alone
From all directions
An icy wind blows

Wandering aimlessly
Without direction
Without resolve

Without light to follow
Or compass to guide
Fear and instinct combine
Forcing you on

Endless strength
With Compassion
And boundless hope
Will forge a path

Finding the comfort
Finding the warmth
Finding the light
Finding each other

Arms wrapped round you
To protect you
Keeping you warm
Holding you tight

Sharing your warmth
From deep inside
Feeling your heart
Tasting your breath

Holding each other tight
Joy and comfort returns
The light rekindled inside
Keeping the darkness at bay

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

A Lingering Embrace

Memory Still Bright

When I go to sleep
I think of you
When I wake
I feel you close
When I walk
You are there

Your gentle touch
Curve of your neck
Scent of your hair
Taste of your lips

Laughing eyes
Whispered desires
Tender moments
Lingering embrace

Memory still bright
Sensations felt
Joyous rapture
Unfaded by time
But gone forever
Like tears in rain

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Lighted By Wisdom

The Heart & The Soul


In the raging storm
The heart leads
Without compass
Without guidance
Without malice
Fearless and reckless
Blind to consequences
With only hope in sight

A wounded heart
Is an open heart
On display
Ready to be hurt
Ready to be captured
Ready to be caressed
Ready to be healed
With gentle heart and hand


The scream of a soul
Loud and powerful
A force for destruction
A force for change
A force for hope
Reshaping and rebuilding
An architecture of emotions
Lighted by wisdom
Fragile and frail

Depth of soul
Depth of wonder
Hope revolves
Twisting in dark places
Struggling to find light
Yet clinging to the dark
Strength of resolve
Will lead us home

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Burning Bright, Burning Deep

Fragile Moments

It was in her dreams she found freedom
Blotting out the world with darkness
Sadness lurking in the corners of her life
A life not chosen by her but chosen for her

Existing in the light was a shadow existence
A mask of contentment worn like makeup
Hiding the scars that have been cut deep
Her heart locked away, key hidden from all

Dreams come in many shapes and many forms
At night it was the sadness that crept forth
Taking hold with a grip that squeezes tightly
Tears flow, staining her world, her mind, her soul

Hiding away within herself with solitary passions
Surrendering all to her inner desires and wants
A brief moment of freedom when ecstasy escapes
Only to be replaced by longing, fear and sadness

Fragile moments cherished, savored and relived
Locked away in her heart and mind like keepsakes
Without question, without deceit and without ridicule
Hers and hers alone, secret moments not to be shared

The walls of her prison were strong and high
Layer upon layer, built from loss and sadness
It was a safe place, a lonely place, a warm place
With a raging fire that burns bright but unseen

A self-consuming passion born from without
Housed within, nourished, fueled and stoked
An endless source, pain and sadness fuels dreams
Burning bright, burning long, burning deep, burning

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Buffeted By Currents

Ageless Beauty

Hiding away the scars of time
Attempting to contain them
Like a bottle on the sea
Cast aside long ago

Desires, passions and love
Locked away in a bottle
Thrown to the waves
Never wanting to return

Rocked in storms passing
Buffeted by currents
Sea spray blurs the way
Taken to climes unknown

Hidden from view and self
Cracks appear in the amour
Desires and passions seep out
Too strong to be contained for long

Wrinkled by time and pain
Ageless beauty unmarred
The beauty within escapes
Bursting forth with radiance

Inner self on display
Blossoms and grows
Confidence and strength
Acceptance of self

Nurtured and cared for
Caressed and longed for
Through gentle touch
Of mind and body

Lessons from time and pain
Gained through strife and sadness
Deepen understanding and caring
Opening your heart for greater joy

Smashing your stoppered prison
Shards of life scatter and roam
Passion and desire free to explore
Learning the art of love again

Now naked and exposed
Enveloped in strong arms
A bulwark against the waves
Sheltering you from the storms

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Contentment Reigns

The Last Page

A long, long way from home
Thoughts ponder
Missed chances
Missed opportunities
Missed loves

Content in ways
Yet longing for more
Duty lead and duty bound
Needed passions
Needed desires
Pushed aside
Locked away

A story untold
Ghostly scenes
Floating at the edges
Reaching out to grasp
Vanishing in misty haze
Blurred by times passing

Pages blank
But numbered
Titles penciled in
Outlines caressed
Words whispered
Words unknown
Words forgotten

In dreams your muse visits
Opening creaking doors
Bringing light to the darkness
The horizon obscured
Destinations unknown
And unknowable
Side roads glimpsed
Full of promise

In wakefulness fear encroaches
Fear of desire
Fear of passion
Fear of self
Doubts multiply
Yet excite

First steps taken
Pen in hand
Words on the page
Made manifest
By hope
By desire
Words flow
Passions soar
Self-awareness guides you
Leads you, compels you

Plot lines emerge
Words pour forth
Rushing to the end
But holding back
Rewriting and editing
Reshaping and extending
Too many journeys
Too many paths
To be bound by convention

Once written
Pages cherished
Holding them close
Your story has a life
A freedom of its own
All from within you

Blank pagers are now friends
Companions in exploration
Excitement of mystery
Excitement of the unknown
No longer written in advance
But now as a diary to self

Contentment reigns
Fulfillment widens
As pages turn
A wish arises
Takes hold
For it to never end
And never to know
The last page

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.