Where Time Stands Still

This week’s poem for Facebook Group: Poetry in Motion.

The Colour of Time

Every morning it’s the colours I see first
I look out my window and see this world
There’s no colour where time stands still
Without time there’s only back and white

You are the very first guest I have ever had
The very first since, well since time began
I sit here and watch the universe pass by
I love the colours and how they move

I have watched your world form from dust
I watched as life began to grow and spread
I was there when your species walked upright
Moved over the surface of this shinning world

I was there at the first glimmer of civilisation
At the Fall of Troy and the rise of Rome
I was with you in every war and every disaster
I have followed every plague and every scourge

Yes, I was there each and every time
I was also here protected from time
You doubt me; I see it in your eyes
You think I’m mad or you’re dreaming

I have often wondered what a dream looks like
But I assure you if this is a dream it is not yours
I see many questions forming in your mind
Sit down; we have all the time in the world

Yes sit down and we’ll have food and refreshments
Food prepared by finest chefs that have ever lived
The best wine prepared from ancient vineyards
I will be your host and answer all your questions

What is that? You want to know who I am
I beg your pardon, I’ve forgotten my manners
It is a new experience for me – having a guest
I’m Death Incarnate and I’ve claimed your soul

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

The Colour of Time

Echoes Remain

The following poem was written for Debra Lane‘s Picture Challenge that she is hosting on her Blog Words Across the Ocean. To jump directly to all the poems for the challenge click on #PicturePromptChallenge. Below is my entry and below that is said picture.

Hollowed Out Dreams

Hovering between the sky and moon
Twilight lingers and becomes imprisoned
As dusty velvet curtains are pulled back
Revealing torment and darkness beyond

The theatre of a once vibrant life lies silent
Only echoes remain on the empty stage
An ever fading moon weeps into the mist
As shadows wander aimlessly in the gloom

Passions shelter in hollowed out dreams
Decaying desires lay strewn in the wings
A spectre of loss circles endlessly
Temptation and regret soaks the fabric of being

Waiting for the audience that never came
For the playwrights that forgot their lines
Once expectant eyes now stare back in reproach
Desolate and alone, longing for the final curtain call

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved


The Enchanted Forest

The following poem was inspired by the photo below. Sarah Ward Smith (Twitter: @theodoremoo) sent me the photo and asked if I would write a poem about it. This is what happened…

Forgotten Tales

A gently breeze echoes through the enchanted forest
The moon and stars are muted with billowing clouds
And half remembered tales linger among silent trees
Their words trapped in darkness searching for home

As twilight falls excited voices erupt into the night
Chilled with fear as they wander aimlessly onward
Thoughts glimpsed in the distance just out of sight
Distorted views encircle as perception is narrowed

Imagination rustles the damp carpet of pine needles
Sadness and doubt circle as a low lying mist rolls in
Whispered words from lost fables breathe once more
Releasing tormented memories in a thunderous roar

A blood red cloak hangs, dripping with tears of rage
Discarded and unrecognized, a symbol of innocence
Anguished souls united in their struggle for freedom
Imprisoned in the enchanted forest by the rising sun

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Forgotten Tales

Haiku and Micro Poetry


Shadows flicker still
Silent lives move on the screen
Nitrate in my soul

Passions creeping forth
Thoughts caressing lost desires
Tears and morning dew

Searching dark corners
Words caressing hidden thoughts
Basking in the warmth

Gentle touch wakens
Tender folds, hidden beauty
Sweet scent envelopes

Cream rises and drips
Tongue flicks out to capture drops
Morning coffee poured

Thoughts hidden, released
Doors opened, passions explored
Lost desires caressed


Micro Poetry

Flesh quivers
Lips part
Swollen and tender
Tingling spreads
Shudders begin

Breath quickens
Heart races
Muscles spasm
Passions release
And flow
Sweet scent surrounds

Melodies linger through the night
Untouched instruments awake
Taunt strings hum with gentle caress
Pleasures long forsaken aroused

As I walk through the memories of our life
Shadows reflect our lost and broken thoughts
Tears crash into the solitude of my loneliness

Thoughts revolve in shimmering twilight
Memories whirl in tepid reproach
Neglected images and blurred memories
Linger in silence

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Hiaku, Tanka and Micro Poetry

Eyes twinkle with thoughts
Hidden tears search for meaning
Your kiss, amnesia

Sadness runs on time
Journey into the unknown
No baggage in sight


Released through a dream
Thoughts, at first blind become blurred
Shadows linger still
Scorched by faded memories
Melodies frozen in time

Writer’s eyes smiling
Delicate outlines emerge
Shaped through thought and time
Beauty in unspoken words
Readers longing to embrace


Shared thoughts become music
Gentle caress becomes melody
A longing gaze forms harmony
Sensual kisses creates the tune
As bodies entwine in rhythm

Green eyes open in wonder
Beauty embraced in a single glance
Soft lips on silken skin excite
Desires awaken with gentle touch

Spectres move through the emptiness in silence
In the stillness shadows weep with pity as they pass
Memories cower as thoughts move through darkness

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Micro Poetry, Tanka and Haiku

Moonlight fades in slumber
Dawn releases shadows
Grey clouds choke the light
Melody of rain feeds despair

Lost in a wilderness of thoughts
Shrouded in shadows of misery
My tears frozen on bare trees
As joy haunts the hinterland

Hissing of rain heard
In darkness thoughts are hidden
Minds drift endlessly
Pools of memories collect
Filling every hollow spot

Misty autumn skies
Leaves rustle with gusting winds
Purple, red and gold
Coolness lingers through the day
Smell of decay in the air

Chiselled light flickers
Smoke mingles with evening fog
Misty tendrils dance
Shadows chase the setting sun
Twilight lingers in silence

Lives frozen in time
Lost faces and their traces
Pen and ink restores

Clouds move in, light dims
Sound of rain breaks the stillness
Serenity roars

Eyes shine through darkness
Subtle lines framed in shadow
Light reflects beauty

Thoughts frozen in time
Flickering in the shadows
Forever in dreams

Morning dew collects
Soft petals thirsting for sun
Sweet scent flows through me

A mist haunts the land
Autumn leaves crunch under foot
Moments lost in time

Eyes looking through time
Forever free to wander
Capturing lost souls

Lost in starlight frost
Mists dance on silver moonbeams
Thoughts return to you

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved

Beckoning with Warmth and Light

The Journey

Strolling through the church yard
Weathered stones, lopsided and grey
Moss covered, aged with beauty
Carved faces, emotive and free

Sun’s bright glare exposing all
Cold winds whisper silently
Huddling close arm in arm
Sitting in the sun side by side

Trees swaying, bowing in the wind
Moss covered, vibrant with life
Aged and worn, beauty in their form
Past shaping, future steadily forward

Exploring streets hand in hand
Timber framed buildings row on row
Ghostly forms watching, guiding
Beckoning with their warmth and light

Greenery surrounds, ever flowing
Shaped by caring, guiding hands
Meandering, forming the path of love
Growing and strengthening with time

Apples ripen and fall silently
No hands to catch or care for
Bruised by falling but whole
Waiting to be embraced and held

The past and sadness overtakes
Yesterday becomes today
Joy mingles in heart’s sigh
Tears flow, relieving tension

Sharing memories of love
Sharing the pain of loss
Sharing hope for the future
Sharing each other arm in arm

Reflecting on what was
Taking time to ponder
Looking at the here and now
Future of wondrous unknown

Knowing each other’s hearts
Embracing and accepting
Moving, enjoying the journey
…our journey…together…

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

As Shadows Harvest

The Stillness

Woken by early morning rain
Pitter patter on the window sill
Thoughts wander
Searching for a hand hold
The wind howls before daybreak

Youthful memories
Warm summer days
Long winter nights
Smell of wood fires
Looking through frosted windows
Feeling the stillness of loneliness

Sleep returns
Restless dreams awake
Always there
Searching for a future

Thunder rouses
Lightning strikes
Shifting shadows
Reaching out
Grasping tight

Cracks in thoughts appear
What might have been?
What could have been?
What should have been!

Another thunderous crash
As reality bursts
Shaking dreams
Memories fade
The horizon narrows

Thoughts of her
A torrent of emotions
Dawn flickers
Lace patterns dance on the ceiling
Stillness and loneliness

A haunting from the past
As shadows harvest
…and dreams

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Trilogy in Lace

The first two poems were part of Lace Challenge for fellow blogger SJ Warner. The third poem is a prequel to the first two. I am re-blogging them here together.

Ways of Desire

Corset laced tight, tempting to eye and touch
White lace, satin and high heels are your disguise
On the road of never ending one night stands
Miles on the clock, meetings in old hotel rooms

Needing someone to hold onto you tight
Always hoping the next night will be the last
But it never really works out quite like that
Encounters fade with every touch of sadness

Walking away dreaming of the moon and stars
Alone on this dark road listening to your heart
Wondering if you’re the only one longing for more
When did time and happiness fade to shadows?

Stripped of the past, exposed for what you desire
Tears dried long ago, searching for lost chances
Passions burn as memory of rope still lingers
That one perfect moment shattered in time

Desires weep for deep loneliness hitherto unknown
Fears well up, never knowing where happiness went
Possibilities glimpsed, blurred images out of the past
Once learned the ways of desire can take their toll

Standing at your crossroads with nowhere to go
Remembering lips kissed, hands you’ve missed
The sweet taste of desires meet, passions spent
A guiding light, searching darkness forevermore

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


A Tear Drop

Drinking holy water to wash away the pain
A deep thirst that only alcohol can drown
An immaculate conception with every sip
Pierced by thorns on this cross I must bear

Like a vision you dance across the room
Music plays softly, voices break the spell
The night breaks through my darkness
Drowning in the memory of your caress

Another day, another night without you
Your smiling face haunts me in the crowd
Eyes searching for the love we once knew
Another drink, another one night stand

Leaving before dawn, through back streets
Hiding in the shadows, dialing your number
Lines jammed with tears and broken hearts
Blinding sun rises, and with it the darkness

Curtin’s closed tight, the music plays on
Like an Aria calling me through the dark
In my dreams your vision haunts me still
Dressed so fine in your satin and lace

It’s a moment that will never come again
The price I pay for taking you for granted
Ink flows freely, words written and posted
Merely a tear drop in the ocean of our pain

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


Finding the Strength

Morning sun appears low in the sky
A gentle breeze disturbs the binds
Lace patterns dance upon the walls

Muffled sounds echo through humid air
Running water and humming are heard
The pitter patter of wet feet on the floor

Her soft lips linger, rousing him with a kiss
The sweet scent of her freshly washed hair
Smell of fresh coffee greet his foggy mind

The voyeuristic joy of watching her dress
Stockings slide over smooth lotioned legs
Lace tops surrounding soft tender thighs

She seductively straightens her suspenders
Her moist tender skin await gentle kisses
Where silky lace meets her trembling flesh

The scent of her excitement fills the air
He inhales, savoring her musky perfume
She teases with every look and gesture

He moves forward, hands roam and caress
Teeth bite her quivering lip, stifling a moan
Her breasts heave and ache for strong hands

Beads of sweat drip from sensitive nipples
His tongue lashes out capturing a salty drop
A released bite burns with hidden desires

Her dark thoughts surface and greet the light
Her visions and dreams long held in check
Burst forth, guided by a firm hand and mind

Finding within her the strength to surrender
Conventions and reservations striped aside
Together they’ll explore the hidden corners

In the dark places they’ll mingle and grow
Shedding their shame and hatred of self
Finding release and contentment as one

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Tales Untold

A Cauldron of Darkness

Knights in shining amour searching for her prayers
Protecting her from the angels of the spire
Longing for victims broken hearted
Unholy rapture calling out her name
Pleading with saints for her undying love
Words from a tale hauntingly familiar

A fevered dream at the gates of her awakening
Unable to hold on – as if nothing else matters
For the vagrant thoughts she once had
Holding the rosary chanting words of freedom
Looking for answers in the depth of despair

Pausing for moments of silence of a former life
Stripped bare, holding nothing but dreams
Running through her thoughts like cold rain
Evaporating in the mist of lost chances
A wanderer without purpose

Clutching to fragments of experience
A weary solace not all her own
Reaching out caressing ghostly visions
Swarming on the edges of desire
Light of release finally dawning

When she could feel no more her demons ran free
Bursting forth, no longer able to contain them
Dangers lurking on the knife edge of deceit
Near the end when she could cry no more
Answers came with the fear of losing all

On the roof tops of her misery
Delights of her desires take fight
Circling a cauldron of darkness
Shadows of pleasures unknown
Dancing their seductive dance
Bewitching in their movements

A few moments more before the nightmare returns
And the harpies of doubt scream their displeasure
Harbingers of deceit and self-loathing
To float away on clouds of anticipation
For her one true desire, keeping the darkness at bay

Her knights in shining amour continue searching
For the tales untold by wandering minstrels
Songs of holy choirs, voices muted by abandon
Echo in the stillness of her thoughts and dreams
Words and music merging with fond remembrance

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.