Autumn Begins Its Merry Dance

This is a re-write of a poem previously posted.

Autumn at the Mill

Bats dart and dive from attic cracks
And synchronize their attacks
With a Hunter’s Moon shining bright
Prey is stalked and caught in flight

Light fades and clouds advance
As autumn begins its merry dance
Those happy days of long ago

From days of old I remember
A sweet mellow September
Then October presents its share
At the Orchard Apple Fair

Trick or treat on All Hallows’ Eve
Golden leaves blow here and there
The smell of bonfires choke the air

Sensing change as the north winds blow
Hearing rushing water flow
At the mill the waterwheel whirls
In the meadow tall grass swirls

Those happy days of long ago
As light fades and clouds advance
Autumn begins its merry dance

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast & James Day. All rights reserved.

Photo found on internet. Copyright unknown.

Photo found on internet. Copyright unknown.

Misty Reflections

A Hushed Silence

Glistening from a late September rain
The day wakens to early morning gloom
Leaves bustle from ever changing trees
Freed from confines of their existence

Memories of warm summer days fading
As sunlight dims in the near distance
Thoughts return to those days long ago
With tears of laughter as time washes by

Creaking limbs protest as strong winds blow
Whispering tales of what might have been
With the sweet smell of decay enveloping
Autumn air descends with a hushed silence

Shadowed glimpses of changing seasons blur
Misty reflections of a Harvest Moon ripple
Through the echoing sound of rushing water
Searching for the song of autumn’s passing

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved

Haiku Roundup Number 2

Late morning rising
Palm trees murmur in the breeze
Rooted in their past

Woken by sunshine
Church bells sing on gentle breeze
Clear blue skies await

She said make it rough
S&M pressure washing?
Then there was silence

Horns beep, I’m awake
The sound of traffic and birds
A new dawn chorus

The requiem starts
Sweet voices echo through me
Memento Mori

On warm summer eves
Grey clouds rumble in darkness
Pain of loss exposed

A glimpse in the crowd
With devastating smile
In my dreams always

On her winged horse
Searching for freedom and hope
Lost forever more

Reflect on water
Rushing river deafening
Beauty is enraged

Spellbound in darkness
Grainy images flicker
Silent voices speak

The Sweet Scent of Spring

Dancing Upon Sunbeams

Early morning fog shrouds the forest in its silvery grip
Smokey tendrils rise up and swirl reaching for the light
Bare trees sway dripping morning dew like tears of joy
The sigh of a new day dawning echoes through the mist

The sun breaks through cascading its rays burning a path
Sunlight dances on the breeze drying all that it caresses
Swollen streams rushing ever onward yearning for release
Blackened leaves float, a remembrance of autumn past

Rustling of cherry blossoms and bird song fill the air
Flowers reaching upward glistening in morning light
Clouds ever shifting, battling for position overhead
Coolness of their creeping shadows felt as they pass

In an ever changing pattern grey clouds move in
Soon a bursting sun shower dampens the ground
With the rain gone the sun returns with its warmth
And a sweet scent of spring wafts through the air

Birds flutter from tree top to tree top basking in warmth
The sky clears; a deep blue canopy stretches forth above
A shining moon hovers in the sky as day and night equal
Butterflies dance on sunbeams announcing spring is here

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Sleeping in Ice

The Song of life

Once lush and vibrant
Tears flowed from leaden skies
Lines etched deep with time
Shaping ghostly forms
Now barren and dry

Alone in the sea of space
A world of desolation
Silent and forgotten
Sleeping in ice

Winds whisper silently
Singing the song of life
A tune forged in death
Mournful with remembrance

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.