An Adrenaline Rush

Your Breath

I capture a part of you
When I inhale I taste you
Exciting my taste buds
Like an adrenaline rush
You become a part of me

The smoothness of your skin
Silken kisses on your neck
Biting your lip
Tasting your desire

Holding you tight
Arms outstretched
Knees parted
Exposed and open
Your skin moist
Soft and warm

Gazing into your eyes
Pleading for release
Lips parted, swollen
Moist and yielding

Your finger nails bite my flesh
Sweat envelops us
Strong thighs surround
Pulling me closer

Words mumbled
Words grunted
Words of love
Words of lust

Hands caress
Silken skin
Stockings rustle
Unseen sparks
Flicker and rage

Feeling your breath
My cheek hot
Tasting your desire
With every exhale
Your breath intoxicates me

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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