Rays of Beauty Shine Bright

Whispers in the Darkness

Unseen for clouds and rain that obscure
The mirror of time cuts deep inside us all
In reflection rays of beauty shine bright
Bursting forth with caress and tenderness

Molded in heartache and pain
But unblemished by their assault
Thoughts wonder towards dreams
Held in check by life’s grip of truth

Decisions made and decisions followed
Toward the future with desires hidden
Locked away, hidden from all, even self
Creeping forth in the dark of night

Whispers heard in the darkness
Thundering inside, reverberating
Longing for escape, for freedom
Bound by duty and remembrance

Tiny excursions outward, testing
Feeling the breeze of belonging
Clutching tightly, wanting it to last
Knowing it is but passing in a blur

Once tasted passion cannot be shackled
No bonds can save one from extremes
Harnessing the flicker of light inside
Keeping the embers alight and nourishing

In sleep all is lighted, paths chosen
Many stops on the journey forward
In wakefulness the sadness returns
No longer alone, hope is its companion

A smile emerges and the beauty returns
Glowing with embers of hope held within
Day emerges, clouds part and tears dry
Stepping forth with resolve to find peace

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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