Room of Secrets

Lost in her room of secrets
Knowing her weakness
Passions lurking in shadows
Searching for release

A reputation to maintain
Prim and proper
Debauched desires brewing
Needing to be tamed

Reaching out in the dark of night
Lust in sight
Waiting for a time to let go
For love to flow

Turning away from possibilities
As desires weep
Wondering if it’s hers to give
Or be taken away

Repressed by rejection and fear
And unsatisfied tears
Full of sadness as love fades
Lost in her room of secrets

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Room of Secrets

Washing Dreams Away

Smiling Eyes

It was a fairy tale romance
Right out of books of old
Two meeting in the dark of night
Parting before the morning light

She knew what he needed
She knew how to tease him
She knew how to please him

Darkest desires straining for release
Rapturous innocence breaking free
Flowing from smiling eyes
And tender quivering thighs

He knew what she wanted
He knew how to kiss her
He knew how to touch her

It was her desire
It was her pleasure
It was her release

Giving everything and leaving nothing behind
Lost in twilight that washes dreams away
Frozen laughter stifled by misplaced passion
Sentenced to darkness without reprieve
Obsessed with words that deceive

She will never forget
She will never forgive
She will never be free

Lost in sorrow
Lost in pain
Lost in tears

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Smiling Eyes

Haiku Ten – Three

With gentle caress
Tender pink petals unfold
Beauty in full bloom

Silken pink surrounds
As sweet nectar flows freely
Beauty holds me tight

Blue eyes wrap round me
Glimpsed depths, promises so fine
We’ve only begun

Tender buds exposed
Sweet scent excite the senses
Visual splendour

Gentle hands nurture
Delicate beauty displayed

Open and exposed
In the moment stillness flows

Silken threads combine
Forming words from thoughts divine
Rhythm of ribbons

Notes from faraway
With thoughts of friends long ago
All but forgotten

Thoughts into action
Desires waken and yearning
Exciting moments

Morning eyes greet me
Just before all the dreams fade
Spellbound in silence

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Haiku Ten – Two

Whispers through the night
Joy is released with the dawn
In each others arms

A land full of cheer
A breath of magic survives
Price of admission

A romantic heart
Dances upon slender threads
Invisible bonds

As the pale light dims
Roses release sweet nectar
Tear drops shaping lives

Me and Malt Whisky
Gives inspiration for verse
Glenfiddich’s the best

Lazy summer eves
Laid back with an easy mind
Sweet smell of lilacs

Sleep encircles me
A longing for one unknown
Daylight feeds the pain

My passions unfurled
A lull amidst the chaos
Sharing thoughts as one

In my dreams always
Graceful curves, enchanted eyes
Mary Louise Brooks

A ribbon of words
Shifting thoughts dipped into ink
My type of writer

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Haiku and Micro Poetry


Shadows flicker still
Silent lives move on the screen
Nitrate in my soul

Passions creeping forth
Thoughts caressing lost desires
Tears and morning dew

Searching dark corners
Words caressing hidden thoughts
Basking in the warmth

Gentle touch wakens
Tender folds, hidden beauty
Sweet scent envelopes

Cream rises and drips
Tongue flicks out to capture drops
Morning coffee poured

Thoughts hidden, released
Doors opened, passions explored
Lost desires caressed


Micro Poetry

Flesh quivers
Lips part
Swollen and tender
Tingling spreads
Shudders begin

Breath quickens
Heart races
Muscles spasm
Passions release
And flow
Sweet scent surrounds

Melodies linger through the night
Untouched instruments awake
Taunt strings hum with gentle caress
Pleasures long forsaken aroused

As I walk through the memories of our life
Shadows reflect our lost and broken thoughts
Tears crash into the solitude of my loneliness

Thoughts revolve in shimmering twilight
Memories whirl in tepid reproach
Neglected images and blurred memories
Linger in silence

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

The Chill and the Rain

That Silent Moment

You arrived with the late September rain
In misty moonlight, up on Mason’s Hill
Huddling close in an early autumn chill
As lightening strikes lit a darkened sky

Walking hand in hand down St Cuthbert’s Lane
Then over to the Park by the river
A cold north wind blew making us shiver
As I carved our names in the old oak tree

The years have come and gone sweet Mary Jane
It was us together sharing delights
Kisses in the rain and long summer nights
With that special look you have in your eye

The thought of ever loosing you gives me pain
The chill and the rain was where it began
When we met our love was never the plan
In that silent moment our hearts ran free

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Raging Flames

The Feeling

Captured in still moments of distraction
Blown asunder on gusts of hope and dread
Twirling in the nothingness and all alone
Released, longing for a sweet embrace

Scanning all the faces for their places
Searching for their shared connections
Desires freed on a black starless night
Waiting for one understanding thought

Now mirrored through thick smoke and noise
Shared longing caught within shifting shadows
Heartfelt joys awakening in flickering light
Moving toward silence and final destination

Echoing in the light of a cold November moon
Misty memories merging with bonfire light
Smokey tendrils rise up, mingle and disperse
Burning thoughts reflected in twinkling eyes

Floating towards the raging flames
Dazzled with burning heat and light
Edges scorched with tantalizing pain
A feeling all too familiar and safe

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Beckoning with Warmth and Light

The Journey

Strolling through the church yard
Weathered stones, lopsided and grey
Moss covered, aged with beauty
Carved faces, emotive and free

Sun’s bright glare exposing all
Cold winds whisper silently
Huddling close arm in arm
Sitting in the sun side by side

Trees swaying, bowing in the wind
Moss covered, vibrant with life
Aged and worn, beauty in their form
Past shaping, future steadily forward

Exploring streets hand in hand
Timber framed buildings row on row
Ghostly forms watching, guiding
Beckoning with their warmth and light

Greenery surrounds, ever flowing
Shaped by caring, guiding hands
Meandering, forming the path of love
Growing and strengthening with time

Apples ripen and fall silently
No hands to catch or care for
Bruised by falling but whole
Waiting to be embraced and held

The past and sadness overtakes
Yesterday becomes today
Joy mingles in heart’s sigh
Tears flow, relieving tension

Sharing memories of love
Sharing the pain of loss
Sharing hope for the future
Sharing each other arm in arm

Reflecting on what was
Taking time to ponder
Looking at the here and now
Future of wondrous unknown

Knowing each other’s hearts
Embracing and accepting
Moving, enjoying the journey
…our journey…together…

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Into the Darkening Night

By Your Side

I fumble with the keys and unlock the door
About to call your name but you won’t answer
Hanging on the wall is your coat where you left it
I reach out; feel the softness, holding it close

On the walls are your pictures
Our wedding day, all dressed in white
Joyous anniversary, smile so bright
Eyes so blue reflecting happiness

In the living room where we sat
And made love on cool summer nights
Huddling by the fire on cold winter days
Our refuge together with our books and dreams

I walk through the empty rooms
Shadows move in dusty corners
Your voice and scent lingers still
Haunting me with every step and turn I make

I open our bedroom door and enter
Our bed empty, stripped bare
Your wardrobe full of dresses
My favourite hanging on the door

I open drawers, feeling satin and lace
I gaze into the mirror where you sat putting makeup on
While I watched from across the room
You noticed and smiled as our eyes met

The necklace I bought you lies on the table
Unworn and untouched by your gentle hands
Your lipsticks, perfumes all lined up in a row
Wondering where you are on this lonely night

With shadows creeping in and taking hold
I move to the spare room and open a bottle
My only companion into the darkening night
And reading tear stained letters of long ago

I will never drink you off my mind
But the liquor numbs the pain
Until I see you again in the morning
And say goodbye one last time

As they lower you into the ground
So dark, so cold, so alone
And the black earth covers you
All the while wishing I was by your side

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Trilogy in Lace

The first two poems were part of Lace Challenge for fellow blogger SJ Warner. The third poem is a prequel to the first two. I am re-blogging them here together.

Ways of Desire

Corset laced tight, tempting to eye and touch
White lace, satin and high heels are your disguise
On the road of never ending one night stands
Miles on the clock, meetings in old hotel rooms

Needing someone to hold onto you tight
Always hoping the next night will be the last
But it never really works out quite like that
Encounters fade with every touch of sadness

Walking away dreaming of the moon and stars
Alone on this dark road listening to your heart
Wondering if you’re the only one longing for more
When did time and happiness fade to shadows?

Stripped of the past, exposed for what you desire
Tears dried long ago, searching for lost chances
Passions burn as memory of rope still lingers
That one perfect moment shattered in time

Desires weep for deep loneliness hitherto unknown
Fears well up, never knowing where happiness went
Possibilities glimpsed, blurred images out of the past
Once learned the ways of desire can take their toll

Standing at your crossroads with nowhere to go
Remembering lips kissed, hands you’ve missed
The sweet taste of desires meet, passions spent
A guiding light, searching darkness forevermore

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


A Tear Drop

Drinking holy water to wash away the pain
A deep thirst that only alcohol can drown
An immaculate conception with every sip
Pierced by thorns on this cross I must bear

Like a vision you dance across the room
Music plays softly, voices break the spell
The night breaks through my darkness
Drowning in the memory of your caress

Another day, another night without you
Your smiling face haunts me in the crowd
Eyes searching for the love we once knew
Another drink, another one night stand

Leaving before dawn, through back streets
Hiding in the shadows, dialing your number
Lines jammed with tears and broken hearts
Blinding sun rises, and with it the darkness

Curtin’s closed tight, the music plays on
Like an Aria calling me through the dark
In my dreams your vision haunts me still
Dressed so fine in your satin and lace

It’s a moment that will never come again
The price I pay for taking you for granted
Ink flows freely, words written and posted
Merely a tear drop in the ocean of our pain

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


Finding the Strength

Morning sun appears low in the sky
A gentle breeze disturbs the binds
Lace patterns dance upon the walls

Muffled sounds echo through humid air
Running water and humming are heard
The pitter patter of wet feet on the floor

Her soft lips linger, rousing him with a kiss
The sweet scent of her freshly washed hair
Smell of fresh coffee greet his foggy mind

The voyeuristic joy of watching her dress
Stockings slide over smooth lotioned legs
Lace tops surrounding soft tender thighs

She seductively straightens her suspenders
Her moist tender skin await gentle kisses
Where silky lace meets her trembling flesh

The scent of her excitement fills the air
He inhales, savoring her musky perfume
She teases with every look and gesture

He moves forward, hands roam and caress
Teeth bite her quivering lip, stifling a moan
Her breasts heave and ache for strong hands

Beads of sweat drip from sensitive nipples
His tongue lashes out capturing a salty drop
A released bite burns with hidden desires

Her dark thoughts surface and greet the light
Her visions and dreams long held in check
Burst forth, guided by a firm hand and mind

Finding within her the strength to surrender
Conventions and reservations striped aside
Together they’ll explore the hidden corners

In the dark places they’ll mingle and grow
Shedding their shame and hatred of self
Finding release and contentment as one

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.