Leaping Into Darkness

Joy Pours Forth

Sheltering from the cold and rain
Holding each other for warmth
Eyes looking deep into desire
Welling up like tears overflowing

Fear and desire felt in his touch
Hands roam over her heated skin
Moisture gathers, lust pouring forth
Lips and tongues dance in unison

Held tight in strong arms, safe
Pressed against cold damp bricks
Contrasting the warmth they share
Bodies entwined becoming as one

His gasps urge her on, grasping tight
Feeling his blood coarse and swell
His heartbeat felt with every caress
Straining for release but holding back

Her legs part, sensitive thighs quiver
Every touch reverberating through her
Breath-quickening with anticipation
Desire replaced with animal lust

Pushing forward wanting to envelope
Breasts heaving, sensitive to the air
Shock of cold air replaced by bites
Head thrown back gasping for breath

Fingers move, caressing expertly
Knees weak, clamp shut tightly
Moisture trickles down thighs
Tickling shocks on sensitive skin

Moans muffled by his hand
Tasting and smelling herself
Musky scent fills the damp air
Held as the shuddering passes

Tears of joy pour forth freely
Passion unleashed once again
Fear and longing released
On a dark, cold and rainy night

Hidden away from all, even self
Locked away in the dark corners
Desires exposed and explored
Leaping into darkness together

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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