An Open Love Poem For Valentine’s Day

Our Song

When I am alone and you are far away
I close my eyes and I draw pictures of you
Your voice echoes in the caverns of my mind
The gentle breeze on my skin is your caress

The look in your eyes and the laughing smiles
The taste of your lips and the intake of breath
Hold me close in the warmth of their embrace
A spellbound, unrehearsed moment held forever

Bodies entwined in movement is our song in motion
Syncopated breathing, music coursing through our veins
Passionate caresses write our lyrics longing for a voice
Singing through our bodies reverberating towards release

Reflecting joyous memories in kaleidoscopic visions
Fragments of past moments gone but forever there
Shifting passions and feelings, strengthening the love
That washes over and through me piercing my heart

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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