This page will be home for my Haiku. I will continue with Blog Posts of Haiku as and when but they will also be added here – all in one place. Newest at the top and oldest at the bottom.

This haiku welcomes
Musical orchid delight
In verse melodies

Connections through time
Directing education

Words ignite desires
Passions flow beneath covers
Pleasures of reading

A spring flower blooms
Smiling eyes bursting with joy
Beauty in season

Reasons forgotten
Light dims with every heartbeat
Your touch haunts me still

Captured by your smile
Laughing eyes show me the way
Darkness never dawns

Questions surround me
Answers move into focus
Silence without tears

Laughter without tears
Silence without loneliness
Nothing without pain

Restless thoughts ramble
Shadows whisper endlessly
Silhouettes dancing

On a stormy night
An Old Dark House mystery

Writing for many
Haiku in social circles
An undying art

Shadows on the screen
Living a nitrate daydream
Moments in darkness

Ruby lips entice
Smiling eyes pluck at heart strings
Beauty is timeless

Weary thoughts ignite
Forgotten memories burn
Dreaming in shadows

Lost in memories
Searching for hope in shadows
A dreamer awakes

Desires become one
And release hidden passions
Silence the darkness

Gentle thoughts caress
Distraction clouds my vision
Reflecting desires

Grey light surrounds me
Shadows fade into the night
Longing for your kiss

Early evening chill
A relentless rain pours down
Prelude to springtime

Not the Ides of March
About ole St Patrick’s Day
Time for a birthday

In a tight embrace
Lost in the rhythm of you
Takes my breath away

Twilight dreams awake
Mirrored shadows become light
Meaning in rhythm

Reflecting passion
A moment frozen in time
A lingering kiss

Thoughts preserved in ink
Words silent beneath covers
Worlds of wonder

Early morning light
The melody of shadows
Forgotten moments

Seeping through the cracks
Dreams awaken from slumber
Stardust in my eyes

Late night rendezvous
Shadows move into light
Silent passions flow

A heartbeat pauses
Fragmentary moments pass
Searching for the truth

Silent melodies
Twilight lingers in pale light
Darkness over takes

A gentle rain falls
Clouds part, sun shines, birds rejoice
Spring will soon be here

Dreams live forever
A frozen moment in time
Just paper in fire

Words crowd around me
Lost in thought as time passes
Only memories

Lies betray the words
Hiding behind smiling eyes
Deceit becomes truth

A lost Valentine
Searching the maelstrom of love
A Twitter romance

Pausing for a breath
Broken memories calling
Lost horizons blur

Waiting patiently
All dressed for a holiday
Silent companion

A single snow drop
Beauty reaching to the sun
Garden of desires

Lie back in comfort
Watch the flakes float by and dance
Whispered thoughts of spring

Longing for darkness
Peace and serenity shines
The light of sadness

Echoes fade in light
Shifting winds and silent flakes
A gentle snow falls

The snow has fallen
All rejoiced at the beauty
Then there was silence

Passions sharing thoughts
Amidst cold winds and dark skies
No blossoms in bloom

A cloak of wonder
Unseen to unknowing eyes
Hidden from within

From this point of view
Gazing into eyes so blue
Tears like morning dew

Frosted windows blur
Thoughts stir of days long ago
Your thoughts guides me still

Lost in thoughts again
Memories of you burn bright
Shadows moving in

With gentle caress
Tender pink petals unfold
Beauty in full bloom

Silken pink surrounds
As sweet nectar flows freely
Beauty holds me tight

Blue eyes wrap round me
Glimpsed depths, promises so fine
We’ve only begun

Tender buds exposed
Sweet scent excite the senses
Visual splendour

Gentle hands nurture
Delicate beauty displayed

Open and exposed
In the moment stillness flows

Silken threads combine
Forming words from thoughts divine
Rhythm of ribbons

Notes from faraway
With thoughts of friends long ago
All but forgotten

Thoughts into action
Desires waken and yearning
Exciting moments

Whispers through the night
Joy is released with the dawn
In each others arms

A real sweet talker
Knows how to be a rocker
Clara Grace Walker

A land full of cheer
A breath of magic survives
Price of admission

A romantic heart
Dances upon slender threads
Invisible bonds

As the pale light dims
Roses release sweet nectar
Tear drops shaping lives

Me and Malt Whisky
Gives inspiration for verse
Glenfiddich’s the best

Lazy summer eves
Laid back with an easy mind
Sweet smell of lilacs

Sleep encircles me
A longing for one unknown
Daylight feeds the pain

My passions unfurled
A lull amidst the chaos
Sharing thoughts as one

In my dreams always
Graceful curves, enchanted eyes
Mary Louise Brooks

Snowdrops peeking through
Glistening in morning dew
Under skies so blue

Low cut evening gown
Flowing satin, silken thighs
Gliding through my dreams

Eyes wide in wonder
Beauty moves into focus
Secrets to explore

In thoughts we are bound
Reaching into the darkness
A promise in verse

Caressing desires
Words excite silent passions
Longing for release

Sad eyes reflect joy
Tears feed on silent passions
Shared thoughts bring release

Gentle touch excites
Searching for the words to dream
Thoughts merge and mingle

Searching in the mist
Memories deepen your joy
Like a stolen kiss

Lost winds search for home
A silent breeze caresses
Dreams half remembered

Knowing eyes and smile
Trapped forever in their gaze
Outlined in beauty

Lips touch, lost in time
A sweet embrace, dreams fulfilled
Silver screen desires

Black and white day dreams
Longing for silent kisses
Lost in the shadows

Excitement rises
Lights dim, the projector whirls
Then there was silence

A ribbon of words
Shifting thoughts dipped into ink
My type of writer

Mary Louise Brooks
Graceful curves, enchanted eyes
In my dreams always

Morning eyes greet me
Just before all the dreams fade
Spellbound in silence

Soulful eyes embrace
Delicate soft lips to kiss
Beauty in full bloom

Beyond the Rainbow
Beauty etched in porcelain
Silent tears unseen

A stem strong but bowed
Reaching ever for the light
In flush of full bloom

Time forever free
A gaze of expectation
Prelude to a kiss

Lives frozen in time
Lost faces and their traces
Pen and ink restores

Clouds move in, light dims
Sound of rain breaks the stillness
Serenity roars

Eyes shine through darkness
Subtle lines framed in shadow
Light reflects beauty

Thoughts frozen in time
Flickering in the shadows
Forever in dreams

Morning dew collects
Soft petals thirsting for sun
Sweet scent flows through me

A mist haunts the land
Autumn leaves crunch under foot
Moments lost in time

Eyes looking through time
Forever free to wander
Capturing lost souls

Lost in starlight frost
Mists dance on silver moonbeams
Thoughts return to you

May sing a sad song
With a voice so sweet and low
For friends never met

Eyes twinkle with thoughts
Hidden tears search for meaning
Your kiss, amnesia

Sadness runs on time
Journey into the unknown
No baggage in sight

Soft milky white skin
Grey eyes in circles of blue
Deep desires awaken

First snow drops appear
Sheltering in early warmth
Reflecting in light

Soft petals unfold
Silken sensual beauty
A sweet scent excites

Visual splendour
Longing for a gentle touch
To nurture and grow

Haiku afternoon
Words carefully set in place
Searching for rhythm

Loss of your smile
Absence of joy in those eyes
Solitude of pain

It’s our last best hope
A universe of wonder

Shadows flicker still
Silent lives move on the screen
Nitrate in my soul

Passions creeping forth
Thoughts caressing lost desires
Tears and morning dew

Searching dark corners
Words caressing hidden thoughts
Basking in the warmth

Gentle touch wakens
Tender folds, hidden beauty
Sweet scent envelopes

Thoughts hidden, released
Doors opened, passions explored
Lost desires caressed

Sweet nectar released
Slides past lips to be savoured
Aromatic tea

Cream rises and drips
Tongue flicks out to capture drops
Morning coffee poured

Pent up energy
Searching for needed release
Time to take a nap

Compelling words heard
Excitement begins to flow
A lost phone number

Searching through the night
Shadows move into my dreams
Comfort in your arms

Grey clouds billowing
Smell of rain is in the air
Bright sun dries the lawn

My vision is blurred
Behind eyes emptiness aches
Forecast – high pollen

The thunder of truth
In my garden of delights
A shelter from storms

Whispering fronds sway
Under canopy of blue
A stillness descends

Standing on the shore
Waves echoing past
In another place

The candles are lit
Remembrance of the fallen
Their thoughts burning bright

When the lights are out
Shadows move in the silence
Made harmless by dreams

Lonely eyes cry out
Searching for a heart that’s lost
Tears mingle with rain

Eyes shine through darkness
Subtle lines framed in shadow
Light reflects beauty

Thoughts frozen in time
Flickering in the shadows
Forever in dreams

Afternoon delight
Pausing to ponder the day
Lost in emptiness

A voice from the past
Where time and hope converges
Before shadows move

Midsummer longing
Like a leaf upon the wind
Words without a song

Jet trails cross the sky
Sun reflects on metal wings
Returns to reading

Evening drops excite
Succulent petals open
From a gentle kiss

Obsessed misery
Born out of a dark fiction
Released from time’s weight

Wild and overgrown
My garden of broken dreams
Forever in bloom

I passed a mirror
In reflecting I did find
An end to begin


Drowning in your gaze
Grey eyes sparkle with laughter
Moments lost in time

Memories unlocked
From the darkness deep inside
Shadows fear to tread

Unspoken feelings
Reading lips with just one touch
Melodies linger

Bound for my pleasure
Eyes devour, touch excites
Reading a new book

Your evening unfolds
With bright lights and gaiety
Where no shadows fall

Eyes heavy, day’s done
Sleep is but a dream away
Party starts next door

Music off, birds sing
It’s a late morning rising
Day dreaming begins

She’s my addiction
Just one kiss and I am hooked
Can leave anytime

Rain hits my window
With a soft pitter-patter
Tearful melody

The rain has now passed
Clouds hang heavy in the sky
Joyous laughter heard

Escape is freedom
Transported on silent words
Cover to cover

The night remembers
Darkness hums a mournful tune
Cue the morning dew

Finding the right words
It’s never an easy thing
Lost in your rhythm

Wild and friendly
Hidden garden of delights
Desires run free

Sun shines, clear blue sky
Bird shadows dart across grass
A feral cat waits

Lost in memory
Eyes that sparkle with laughter
Morning sun wakes me

The evening is calm
Wandering thoughts return home
Footsteps echoing

Words tell your story
Silence read in every page
Feelings unwritten

I hear soft music
A melody that lingers
The taste of your lips

Stillness at weeks end
Coolness ushers in the night
Waiting for the dawn

On gossamer wings
Fragile beauty displayed
Nature’s poetry

Life captured in stone
Silent wings flutter no more
Time’s shadow revealed

Stirring in the breeze
Rustling leaves murmur softly
Recalling silence

The sound of shadows
In my head as they pass by
Light will bring silence

Solstice plus one day
A bright long sun shiny day
Soon dark of winter

Noises faintly heard
Echoing near the edges
It’s time for breakfast

Darkness closes in
At the twilight of the day
Turns light on to read

Gentle sound of rain
Stillness with a melody
Seeps into your thoughts

The bluebell scent sways
Carried on a sunlit breeze
Forever in bloom

Lightening throws shadows
Wanderers in the darkness
Longing for silence

Smell of last night’s rain
The dawn chorus, loud and strong
I’ll have a lie in

Rain captured in time
Like tiny green pools of tears
Joy bursts forth freely

Clouds capture the sun
Leaves twinkle in gentle breeze
Beauty in times wake

Captured in your eyes
Words released with a smile
Ink flows, pages filled

Thunderheads circling
A rolling cacophony
Searching for silence

Whispers heard on stage
Their sorrows and dreams play on
Silhouettes of joy

Books, row upon row
Gentle soldiers of culture
Their words escape death

Billboards pass me by
Promising dreams for a price
Speed of traffic blurs

Heat of noonday sun
A stillness moves with the breeze
Thoughts darkened with time

Night air cool and calm
Clouds circle a shining moon
Exhale cares and woes

Awake but sleepy
A stretch, a groan starts the day
It’s only a dream

From the days of old
Grecian temple out of time
Wonders to explore

From royal drawers
Blast and knickers was the cry
Secrets now revealed

There once was silence
Nitrate flickered to times changed
Lights dimmed, words remain

A few words were said
Silence read from the pages
Truth can’t be hidden

Notes reverberate
Dancing upon live wires
Echoes of lost times

Heat of day released
Still air in twilight thickness
Cool darkness moves in

Woken in the night
Hushed voices heard, floorboards creak
Fuzzy mind races

CV, life’s story
Truth and nothing but the truth
Love reading fiction

A quiet Sunday
The sound of pages turning
Floating on the words

Searching memories
Photo album fills in gaps
Hidden, locked away

Cars rush by outside
A pint in hand, oak beams glow
The past is so near

Thoughts begin to flow
Shaken from uncertainty
Whispered touch of lips

Push play, music starts
Echo emotions within
Time is Motionless

Angry voices raised
Words said before thoughts appear
Echoes of the past

Thoughts wander in fright
Shadows move into the light
Darkness captures all

Decisions are made
Without thought or care for you
Light flickers and dims

Twilight closing in
June is here, summer is here
Where are the long nights?

Echoes in my mind
Mending broken memories
Pain and joy unite

Wind rustles the leaves
Creaking limbs moan in protest
Saw and axe solves all

Outside all is still
In my head dark clouds converge
Could it be a dream?

Awake in the night
Searching for thoughts that comfort
Dreams will never rest

The dust devils dance
Grey rock bakes in noonday sun
Look on in wonder

Footsteps on the stairs
Sound echoes through empty halls
Thunder of silence

The curve of your neck
The gentle tone of your voice
Haunts me forever

Night has awoken
Darkness is still and silent
The howling wolf knows

Thoughts turn to 6 June
Echoes of the day remain
Their currents run deep

Noonday sun shines bright
Shadows short, yearning to stretch
To disappear in the night

Tears of joy run free
The light of dreams in your eyes
Hope, like rain cleanses

Light through frosted glass
Truth blurred, leaving doubt behind
Open and be free

Nitrate dreams on screen
Poetry of emotions
Eyes echo silence

Black clouds moving in
Sun dims to a golden hue
Ozone fills the air

Fear without thinking
Believing without question
War of the Worlds

Rain and cloudy skies
A morning chill passes through
Warmth of your smile

Through a smoky haze
Hush descends, music rises
Projector whirls

The look in your eyes
Like music caressing me
A tune without words

Tears tear through the pain
Touch excites, desires weep
Moonlight covers all

With the sun birds chirp
A dance to announce the dawn
Soon silence in fright

Alone in the night
Whispering shadows advance
Stillness lights the way

Hope is all we have
Darkness wraps round holding tight
Comfort in the night

A thunder clap rolls
Rain hisses as it descends
Memories pour forth

Echoes in my mind
Mending broken memories
Pain and joy unite

Music for a dance
Melodic movements entice
Carousel of time

Memories haunt me
Sweet smiles imprison me
Your touch frees my soul

When I close my eyes
Your scent is with me always
A taste of sadness

Words enter my soul
Lost within their clarity
Melodies linger

Dreams floating on air
Golden age of radio
Words free to wander

Cut into shellac
78 RPM

Late morning rising
Palm trees murmur in the breeze
Rooted in their past

Woken by sunshine
Church bells sing on gentle breeze
Clear blue skies await

She said make it rough
S&M pressure washing?
Then there was silence

Horns beep, I’m awake
The sound of traffic and birds
A new dawn chorus

The requiem starts
Sweet voices echo through me
Memento Mori

On warm summer eves
Grey clouds rumble in darkness
Pain of loss exposed

A glimpse in the crowd
With devastating smile
In my dreams always

On her winged horse
Searching for freedom and hope
Lost forever more

Reflect on water
Rushing river deafening
Beauty is enraged

Spellbound in darkness
Grainy images flicker
Silent voices speak

Alone I awake
My mind wanders, you are there
Joy of sweet sadness

Wind, a mournful tune
Just like a roaming minstrel
Silence is darkness

Petals open wide
Nectar flows freely and sweet
Scent of morning dew

Every breath a sigh
From longing held in darkness
Exposed with a touch

Light flickers in trees
Scent of blossoms fill the air
Then diesel and dust

The sun’s journey done
Purple to black, stars twinkle
To light a new day

Staring eyes, looking
Searching for a reflection
Darkness envelopes

Copyright © 2014-2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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