A Glimpse of Infinity

The Long Night

In a cacophonous thunder twilight descends
Clouds converge in rapturous abandonment
Darkness outlines silence on the horizon
Stillness moves with lengthening shadows

A breeze dances upon flower petals and leaves
Sensuously caressing dreams long forgotten
Carnivorous thoughts devour remaining light
Feasting on memories lost in the blackness

Words become meaningless with every breath
Sifting through moments of joy and ecstasy
Hopes become frozen in a whirlwind of reproach
Fulfilling expectations and depths of despair

Surroundings envelope in a cloak of sadness
Then for a moment stars sparkle in the distance
Clouds part and a glimpse of infinity is revealed
Its emptiness a comfort through the long night

Copyright © 2016 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.



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