I Close My Eyes

Even when apart I feel your touch
Your fingers entwined with mine
Holding tight, your hand in mine
Your soft caress shivers my spine

Memories of togetherness never fade
No matter how long or how far apart
The look in your eyes, frozen in time
A safe harbor when I am lost without you

Through your eyes I journey
To the dark places in your mind
Forgotten places, hidden places
Opening the doors you cannot

Holding your hand, guiding you
Shedding fears, releasing desires
Fulfilling all that is needed, wanted
Freeing your muffled pleasures

My words course over you and through you
With every breath, every beat of your heart
Building towards excitement and release
Exposing you to me, for me, with me

In these words, in my voice
Is the promise to hold you
Guide you through the darkness
Surrender your longing, your fear

I close my eyes, you are there
I smell your sweet scent
I taste your soft skin
Your hot breath on my lips

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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