Surrendering Unto Uncertainty

Rainbow’s End

The rain obscures my vision
Mist blurs all around me
Only outlines glimpsed
Clear enough to move towards

A rainbow begins to form
Colours gleaming in the distance
Its beginning distinct behind
Its end mirrored in the distance

Rainbow’s arch – soaring heights
Lost in the clouds and haze
Rain, like tears smearing colours
Fuzzy edges wafting into nothing

Time becomes static
Unseen details in the haze
Searching, hoping to find
To reach out and feel

Mist and haze surrounds me
Only ghostly visions penetrate
Echoes of the past and future
Moving forward, mist envelopes

Sounds and smells penetrate
Images appear in my mind
Dreams of what was
Hopes of what will be

Wrapping around me tightly
Unable to move, but knowing
The rainbow guides me
Leading me ever forward

Rainbow’s end in the distance
Focuses my heart, my desires
Surrendering to the uncertainty
Floating on the mist of hope

Rainbow colours fade at the edges
But etched bright in body and soul
The sun appears, times renewal
My journey continues onward

Many paths, unknown destination
Moments cherished, moments savored
Without compass, without guidebook
Our hearts leading the way toward
Rainbow’s end

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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