Haiku Roundup Number 5

Noises faintly heard
Echoing near the edges
It’s time for breakfast

Darkness closes in
At the twilight of the day
Turns light on to read

Gentle sound of rain
Stillness with a melody
Seeps into your thoughts

The bluebell scent sways
Carried on a sunlit breeze
Forever in bloom

Lightening throws shadows
Wanderers in the darkness
Longing for silence

Smell of last night’s rain
The dawn chorus, loud and strong
I’ll have a lie in

Rain captured in time
Like tiny green pools of tears
Joy bursts forth freely

Clouds capture the sun
Leaves twinkle in gentle breeze
Beauty in times wake

Captured in your eyes
Words released with a smile
Ink flows, pages filled

Thunderheads circling
A rolling cacophony
Searching for silence

Whispers heard on stage
Their sorrows and dreams play on
Silhouettes of joy

Books, row upon row
Gentle soldiers of culture
Their words escape death

Billboards pass me by
Promising dreams for a price
Speed of traffic blurs

Heat of noonday sun
A stillness moves with the breeze
Thoughts darkened with time

Night air cool and calm
Clouds circle a shining moon
Exhale cares and woes

Awake but sleepy
A stretch, a groan starts the day
It’s only a dream

From the days of old
Grecian temple out of time
Wonders to explore

From royal drawers
Blast and knickers was the cry
Secrets now revealed

There once was silence
Nitrate flickered to times changed
Lights dimmed, words remain

A few words were said
Silence read from the pages
Truth can’t be hidden

Notes reverberate
Dancing upon live wires
Echoes of lost times

Heat of day released
Still air in twilight thickness
Cool darkness moves in

Woken in the night
Hushed voices heard, floorboards creak
Fuzzy mind races

CV, life’s story
Truth and nothing but the truth
Love reading fiction

A quiet Sunday
The sound of pages turning
Floating on the words

Searching memories
Photo album fills in gaps
Hidden, locked away

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.



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