Simple Words

The following poem is an explicit piece of erotica. NSFW and over 18 only.


The blindfold covers all
Safe and warm
Comfort and calm
Sight gone
Other senses heightened

Whispered words excite
Arching head to hear
Velvety touch on cheek
Then gone
Gentle caress of breasts
Longing for more
Words spoken
Words of passion
Words to inflame
Words to free

Tongue across soft lips
More whispered voices
Light touch to thighs
Feeling the tingle spread
Moisture seeps out
Trickling down
Finger across swollen lips
Moan softly
Pressing forward
Painful teasing

Smell of musk
Finger to lips
Lips part
Tasting self
Greedy for more
Begging for more
Nipples bitten
Sharp pleasure darts
Wanting more

All is silent
Painfully so
Cries for more
Go unheard
Then a rustling sound
A sheet pulled across
Raw nerves responding
Sensations enveloping

Words echoing
Imagination flies
Images develop
Strengthen and multiply
Hands and fingers
Exploring, probing, caressing
Heightening the tension

On the edge
One touch more
His voice captivates
Caressing her mind
Caressing her body
Opening locked doors
Desires unleashed
Voice probing deep

Without touch
Only words and imagination
Passion escapes
In a thunderous roar
Wave upon wave
Courses through
Trembling and whimpering

Release continues
Enveloped in arms
Shaking and content
Waiting for these three words
“My good girl”

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.



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