Excitement Rising

This an erotic poem NSW and for over 18 years of age only.

Only the Beginning

Lips touch
Tongues explore
And devour

Sensations pulsate
Hands explore
And grip

Moans escape
Lips replacing fingers
Nipples engorged
Teeth, rough and hard
Pain and pleasure pulsate

Her breath quickens
Her heart races
Her body trembles
Electric shocks surge

Musky scent fills the air
Encouraging him
Enveloping him
Guiding him

On her knees
Gazing up
Engulfing him
Feeling his body shudder
Giving her pleasure
Giving her control

Hand grips tight

Feeling his heart race
Stroking with every beat
Lips feeling his heat
His hardness
His tenderness
Tongue tasting

His head falls back
Warmth surrounds
Intense pleasure
Intense torture
Wanting release
Wanting more

Slowing her
Pausing her
Pain of release

Strong arms
Surrounding her
Holding her
Guiding her

Fingers exploring her
Fingers entering her
Hot and moist
She screams in delight
Fingers tasted
Needing more

Her hands roam
His fingers pinch
She squirms
Excitement rising
Begging for more

Tongue flicks out
Spreading tender folds
Pushing back gentle skin
Teeth biting tenderly
Nerves on fire
Wetness flows

Mouth surrounding
Tasting her
Savoring her
Loving her

Puling her legs up
Exposing her
Wetness flows
Soaking into sheets

She gazes into his eyes
Looking deep
Reflecting desire
Wanting him now
She needs
She pleads

He squeezes
He teases
She spreads more
Fingers opening

Entering her
She screams
Gripping him tight
Wave after wave
Flowing through her
Shaking and whimpering
It is only the beginning

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Excitement Rising

  1. I have trouble writing in a mode other than a first person confessional narrative! So the play in the third person, exchanging between Male and Female perspectives, is beautiful representation of the passion of love in a reciprocal fashion. You may have achieved something universal here. thank you for your time and effort!


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