Haiku Roundup Number 6

Finding the right words
It’s never an easy thing
Lost in your rhythm

Wild and friendly
Hidden garden of delights
Desires run free

Sun shines, clear blue sky
Bird shadows dart across grass
A feral cat waits

Lost in memory
Eyes that sparkle with laughter
Morning sun wakes me

The evening is calm
Wandering thoughts return home
Footsteps echoing

Words tell your story
Silence read in every page
Feelings unwritten

I hear soft music
A melody that lingers
The taste of your lips

Stillness at weeks end
Coolness ushers in the night
Waiting for the dawn

On gossamer wings
Fragile beauty displayed
Nature’s poetry

Life captured in stone
Silent wings flutter no more
Time’s shadow revealed

Stirring in the breeze
Rustling leaves murmur softly
Recalling silence

The sound of shadows
In my head as they pass by
Light will bring silence

Solstice plus one day
A bright long sun shiny day
Soon dark of winter

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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