Raging Flames

The Feeling

Captured in still moments of distraction
Blown asunder on gusts of hope and dread
Twirling in the nothingness and all alone
Released, longing for a sweet embrace

Scanning all the faces for their places
Searching for their shared connections
Desires freed on a black starless night
Waiting for one understanding thought

Now mirrored through thick smoke and noise
Shared longing caught within shifting shadows
Heartfelt joys awakening in flickering light
Moving toward silence and final destination

Echoing in the light of a cold November moon
Misty memories merging with bonfire light
Smokey tendrils rise up, mingle and disperse
Burning thoughts reflected in twinkling eyes

Floating towards the raging flames
Dazzled with burning heat and light
Edges scorched with tantalizing pain
A feeling all too familiar and safe

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Bonfires Light the Way

A Gentle Breeze

The sun lingers once more
With its golden tendrils
Shadows merge and rage
For the closing of day

In the turning of a page
Minds shift and wander
Words fall like tears
Floating in the distance

Thoughts become muffled
Muted by hesitation
Stifled by conceit
Lost in fright

Swaying in the silver mist
Dew drops collect in flight
Sighing with every breath
Pages whisper their consent

A gentle breeze blows
Long into the still night
Sweet music caresses
Nurtures and protects

Summer becomes autumn
The sun dims in the sky
Leaves fall and gather
As bonfires light the way

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.