Tousled Words

This is my first posting for Facebook Group: Poetry in Motion. A poetry challenge group run by Angel Poet – you can find her on Twitter: @Myauthor_angel. I was invited to join by Deb – Twitter: @DebraDML – Blog: Words across the Oceans.

Into Twilight

Broken thoughts escape through a misty haze
Creating visions from fevered dreams unknown
Wordless phantasms merge and mingle in fright
Lost horizons seeped in despair emerge naked

Searching the depths for grotesque bounty untold
Swirling thoughts coalesce in a timeless breath
Shifting seasons presented for no other reason
Spinning relentlessly in a distorted landscape

In death throes the earth spits a venomous fire
Sulphur clouds choke the air and darken the skies
Leaving wondrous sunsets no soul can ever bear
Shadows cackle while the Banshees remain silent

Perched alone on the cliff face the tree of life stands
A once proud survivor of piteous lives and dreams
Tousled words no longer assault its ancient foes
Only silence remains as the world moves into twilight

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.



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