More Haiku, Tanka and Micro Poetry


Soft milky white skin
Grey eyes in circles of blue
Deep desires awaken

First snow drops appear
Sheltering in early warmth
Reflecting in light

Soft petals unfold
Silken sensual beauty
A sweet scent excites

Visual splendour
Longing for a gentle touch
To nurture and grow

Haiku afternoon
Words carefully set in place
Searching for rhythm

Loss of your smile
Absence of joy in those eyes
Solitude of pain

It’s our last best hope
A universe of wonder



White frost on roof tiles
Grey smoke rises from chimneys
Blinding morning sun
Birds gather at dawn for warmth
Mist lingers in the silence

Weary eyes open
Lost moments in time unfold
Adrift and forlorn
Thoughts linger, fears forsaken
Shadows stir in morning haze

Rushing water flows
Serenity held in time
A stillness surrounds
Mists linger in morning sun
As sweet memories echo


Micro Poetry

Thoughts emerge
Words written
Texts sent
Waiting in anticipation
Read with excitement
Thoughts diverge
Smiles escape
Desires met

Searching dark corners
Sheltered from storms
Smouldering embers
Hidden and alone
Caress kindles passion
Joy bursts forth
And lingers

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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