Hiaku, Tanka and Micro Poetry

Eyes twinkle with thoughts
Hidden tears search for meaning
Your kiss, amnesia

Sadness runs on time
Journey into the unknown
No baggage in sight


Released through a dream
Thoughts, at first blind become blurred
Shadows linger still
Scorched by faded memories
Melodies frozen in time

Writer’s eyes smiling
Delicate outlines emerge
Shaped through thought and time
Beauty in unspoken words
Readers longing to embrace


Shared thoughts become music
Gentle caress becomes melody
A longing gaze forms harmony
Sensual kisses creates the tune
As bodies entwine in rhythm

Green eyes open in wonder
Beauty embraced in a single glance
Soft lips on silken skin excite
Desires awaken with gentle touch

Spectres move through the emptiness in silence
In the stillness shadows weep with pity as they pass
Memories cower as thoughts move through darkness

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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