The Melody Lingers

Dreams and Autumn Years

Twilight dreams begin memories
Shadows dance in pale light
Leaves murmur in cool evening breeze
Melodies of lost time
Searching for words to sing again
Remembering the joy
Those youthful days of long ago
Where darkness never dawned

In the silence of the moment
My thoughts begin to stir
Past times echo at the edges
Those long lost summer days
Sharing hopes and dreams through the night
Living in the moment
Going wherever passions led
Exploring shared desires

Magical moments full of song
Joyous tunes meant for us
Never knowing that it would end
But heartfelt all the same
Shared melodies of innocence
For things we could not know
Present shared and futures unknown
Living in the moment

Twilight has moved with the shadows
The sun sets, moon rises
The chill of the night rouses me
Thoughts twinkle with the stars
High above and as deep inside
Forever there and bright
Darkness now lighted from the past
A guide through autumn years

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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