Lost Time

Down Goldington Avenue

Fingers entwined with memories
Shivering in the cold and rain
On this dark winter’s eve
Waiting for you to take my hand
As I walk down Goldington Avenue

Once we lost time walking hand in hand
On those long hot summer nights
Losing my head with you by my side
Then summer turned to autumn
As the leaves began to fall

Sitting on our bench in the park
Huddling close from the cold
As the north winds whispered tales of snow
And when twilight faded with the setting sun
We made our way down Goldington Avenue

At home we sat by an open fire
Looking out as the rain turned to snow
Watching snowflakes melt as they fell
Your body close to mine, soft and warm
The taste of your lips linger still

What happens when love goes?
A falling star, burning bright then gone forever
Now a ghost running through my empty heart
Your footsteps echoing in the stillness
Haunting me down Goldington Avenue

Staring at the bottom of this glass
I sometimes think I can see you there
Looking up with your deep blue eyes
Never knowing I could feel this way
I order another double before closing

Chasing lost time I down my last drink
Pay my tab and head out into the night
With a shining moon floating by
And joyous memories to guide me
I wander down Goldington Avenue

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.





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