Into the Darkening Night

By Your Side

I fumble with the keys and unlock the door
About to call your name but you won’t answer
Hanging on the wall is your coat where you left it
I reach out; feel the softness, holding it close

On the walls are your pictures
Our wedding day, all dressed in white
Joyous anniversary, smile so bright
Eyes so blue reflecting happiness

In the living room where we sat
And made love on cool summer nights
Huddling by the fire on cold winter days
Our refuge together with our books and dreams

I walk through the empty rooms
Shadows move in dusty corners
Your voice and scent lingers still
Haunting me with every step and turn I make

I open our bedroom door and enter
Our bed empty, stripped bare
Your wardrobe full of dresses
My favourite hanging on the door

I open drawers, feeling satin and lace
I gaze into the mirror where you sat putting makeup on
While I watched from across the room
You noticed and smiled as our eyes met

The necklace I bought you lies on the table
Unworn and untouched by your gentle hands
Your lipsticks, perfumes all lined up in a row
Wondering where you are on this lonely night

With shadows creeping in and taking hold
I move to the spare room and open a bottle
My only companion into the darkening night
And reading tear stained letters of long ago

I will never drink you off my mind
But the liquor numbs the pain
Until I see you again in the morning
And say goodbye one last time

As they lower you into the ground
So dark, so cold, so alone
And the black earth covers you
All the while wishing I was by your side

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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