Tales Untold

A Cauldron of Darkness

Knights in shining amour searching for her prayers
Protecting her from the angels of the spire
Longing for victims broken hearted
Unholy rapture calling out her name
Pleading with saints for her undying love
Words from a tale hauntingly familiar

A fevered dream at the gates of her awakening
Unable to hold on – as if nothing else matters
For the vagrant thoughts she once had
Holding the rosary chanting words of freedom
Looking for answers in the depth of despair

Pausing for moments of silence of a former life
Stripped bare, holding nothing but dreams
Running through her thoughts like cold rain
Evaporating in the mist of lost chances
A wanderer without purpose

Clutching to fragments of experience
A weary solace not all her own
Reaching out caressing ghostly visions
Swarming on the edges of desire
Light of release finally dawning

When she could feel no more her demons ran free
Bursting forth, no longer able to contain them
Dangers lurking on the knife edge of deceit
Near the end when she could cry no more
Answers came with the fear of losing all

On the roof tops of her misery
Delights of her desires take fight
Circling a cauldron of darkness
Shadows of pleasures unknown
Dancing their seductive dance
Bewitching in their movements

A few moments more before the nightmare returns
And the harpies of doubt scream their displeasure
Harbingers of deceit and self-loathing
To float away on clouds of anticipation
For her one true desire, keeping the darkness at bay

Her knights in shining amour continue searching
For the tales untold by wandering minstrels
Songs of holy choirs, voices muted by abandon
Echo in the stillness of her thoughts and dreams
Words and music merging with fond remembrance

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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