Things Left Behind

Mirror of Preception

The sound of the wind carves out memories
Swirling in my head eroding time’s defenses
I walk through the silent rooms of my mind
Searching for the things you have left behind

The sound of your shadows enter my thoughts
Shrouding my soul, darkening sky and moon
An empty blackness reflecting pain and misery
A delirium of nothingness. no light can escape

A spiral of destruction leaving an empty husk
Tossed upon the dry winds of hatred and lies
Remembrance of better times echo at the edges
A gentle touch, soft lips, eyes deeper than time

I awaken from this fevered dream with parched lips
Thirsting for your wet kiss and never ending touch
Visions retreat into the silence of my empty rooms
Blissful memories shatter darkness, shadows fade

Opening my eyes the sun plunges into my thoughts
A cool morning breeze hums with known reflection
Thunder rolls in the distance, lightning strikes excite
A mirror of perception erupts, reality becomes dream

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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