Haiku Roundup Number 7

Afternoon delight
Pausing to ponder the day
Lost in emptiness

A voice from the past
Where time and hope converges
Before shadows move

Midsummer longing
Like a leaf upon the wind
Words without a song

Jet trails cross the sky
Sun reflects on metal wings
Returns to reading

Evening drops excite
Succulent petals open
From a gentle kiss

Obsessed misery
Born out of a dark fiction
Released from time’s weight

Wild and overgrown
My garden of broken dreams
Forever in bloom

I passed a mirror
In reflecting I did find
An end to begin


Drowning in your gaze
Grey eyes sparkle with laughter
Moments lost in time

Memories unlocked
From the darkness deep inside
Shadows fear to tread

Unspoken feelings
Reading lips with just one touch
Melodies linger

Bound for my pleasure
Eyes devour, touch excites
Reading a new book

Your evening unfolds
With bright lights and gaiety
Where no shadows fall

Eyes heavy, day’s done
Sleep is but a dream away
Party starts next door

Music off, birds sing
It’s a late morning rising
Day dreaming begins

She’s my addiction
Just one kiss and I am hooked
Can leave anytime

Rain hits my window
With a soft pitter-patter
Tearful melody

The rain has now passed
Clouds hang heavy in the sky
Joyous laughter heard

Escape is freedom
Transported on silent words
Cover to cover

The night remembers
Darkness hums a mournful tune
Cue the morning dew

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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