Haiku Roundup Number 3

Nitrate dreams on screen
Poetry of emotions
Eyes echo silence

Black clouds moving in
Sun dims to a golden hue
Ozone fills the air

Fear without thinking
Believing without question
War of the Worlds

Rain and cloudy skies
A morning chill passes through
Warmth of your smile

Through a smoky haze
Hush descends, music rises
Projector whirls

The look in your eyes
Like music caressing me
A tune without words

Tears tear through the pain
Touch excites, desires weep
Moonlight covers all

With the sun birds chirp
A dance to announce the dawn
Soon silence in fright

Alone in the night
Whispering shadows advance
Stillness lights the way

Hope is all we have
Darkness wraps round holding tight
Comfort in the night

A thunder clap rolls
Rain hisses as it descends
Memories pour forth

Echoes in my mind
Mending broken memories
Pain and joy unite

Music for a dance
Melodic movements entice
Carousel of time

Memories haunt me
Sweet smiles imprison me
Your touch frees my soul

When I close my eyes
Your scent is with me always
A taste of sadness

Words enter my soul
Lost within their clarity
Melodies linger

Dreams floating on air
Golden age of radio
Words free to wander

Cut into shellac
78 RPM

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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