A Briefest of Seconds

A Solitary Moment

Into the darkness we take pain
With loneliness as its companion
Always there whether day or night
Strength built through acceptance

Born in darkness, strengthened by time
Forged from wounded heart and soul
Tested with light, longing for solitude
Unbroken, stepping forth, searching

With excitement, hope and fear
Ghostly voices in every direction
Igniting the cold embers of passion
Desires fueling the raging fire within

Chance meeting, without expectations
Conversation begins, friendship blooms
Building connections, forging a bond
Leading onward as the evening fades

The setting sun sinks low in the sky
Grey clouds turn to purple and red
A spray of colour covers one and all
Blue eyes reflecting the dying light

A solitary moment held in your gaze
Your hand in mine breaks the silence
This wordless dance ending in a flash
Echo of thunder rolls in the distance

In a briefest of seconds lives change
Nothing remains the same, all is new
Searching in the darkness leads here
Our journey begun, together as one

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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