The Journey Home

The Traveling Self

The self travels alone
Hills are climbed
Valleys traversed
Rivers forged
The weary self
Returns to the start
And you

Being and wanting
Ever apart
Inner strength
Growing each day
Blossoming at night
Reflection in eyes
Moonlight on soft lips
Divine in self

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


Basking In Light

A Few Moments More

I awaken
Reach out
Feel your warmth
Pulling you close

Your shape conforms to mine
Whispering “good morning”
The drowsy look in your eyes
A soft kiss to your lips

Fingers exploring
Peaks and valleys
Firm and responsive
Tracing rippled edges
Igniting nerves
Quickening breath

Fingers journey
Quivering flesh
Downy tendrils
Silken threads
Lingering in warmth
Soaking up the dew

A scent heady and fine
A taste natural and divine

Holding you close
Fending of the day
Basking in your light
A few moments more

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Her Task To Fulfill

Whispering To Her Desires

Her dreams have wings
Freed from confinement
A place to explore
For a place to rest

Waiting for their return
Gusts of wind hold promise
Whispering to her desires
Her passion blown asunder

It is the same dream
Writ large at night
Sleep escapes
Sadness envelopes

A longing for change
Sparked by her want
Not sated by self
Longing for release

Release through power
The lack of intoxicates her
Giving freely her mind
Exposing her body

Bound in his thoughts
Caressed with his words
Submitting to his will
Surrendering her all

Longing for his touch
Longing for it withheld
Building her passion
Controlled by him

The pang of emptiness
Fills her while awake
Needing to be filled
Feed through his hunger

A yearning to be nourished
With firm hand and mind
Excited by his desires
Her task to fulfill

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

An Endless Journey

Her Special Name

His special name for her is a secret
When he whispers it she shivers
Weak in the knees, knowing she’s his
A feeling of comfort, of belonging

He holds her close, his touch magical
His thoughts, his words capture her whole
His control, strengthens her, fills her
Exposing all she hides from herself

She gives over control freely, willingly
Instilling contentment that releases her
Allowing him to nourish and guide her
Freeing herself from the hidden darkness

Passions released without hesitation
Trusting in his guidance and instruction
Knowing his care, his touch, his words
Binds her to him even when apart

His need to give her what she craves, desires
His protection and care gives him strength
Giving her the freedom of surrendering
Releasing her mind, easing her doubts

Exploring unknown paths, an endless journey
Towards knowing herself, her passions, her fears
He will harness them, mold them to her needs
Deeper and wider than her reservations allow

That special name spoken by him
Embodies the trust she has given him
A right she has bestowed upon him
For him to be Her sir, Her master

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Together as One


Your light shines through
Like a beacon
Drawing me in
Feeling your warmth
Sharing your desires
Opening new doors
Unlocking the old
Exploring as one

You hold me close
I hold you closer
Yielding to my touch
Eyes misty with desire
Body writhing in pleasure
Withholding touch
Longing and pain
Exhilaration mounts

Tactile fingers
Caress trembling flesh
Soft moans escape
Moisture gathers
Sensual aromas
All from touch

A need craved for
Hungered for
Blood pumping
Sweet scent wafts
Inhaling ambrosia
Glistening in light
Takes the plunge

Heart and soul bound
Together we’re one
Apart we are lost
Warmth surrounds me
A tight embrace

I feel your pain
You feel mine
Delving deep
Emerging whole
Hearts bound
Pain is a memory
Freedom is won
Longing dissipates
Release begins

From you comes understanding
From me comes acceptance
All that is you
Opening my heart
Asking you in
Binding flaws
Together as one

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

A Feeling of Belonging

Sweet Harmony Flows

The sun twinkles through the leaves
Bird songs whisper on the gentle wind
A feeling of contentment surrounds her
In quiet contemplation she sits alone

Air is tinged electric with excitement
Her love, her everything, her desires
The music and literature of her soul
Are now free to roam and explore

The feeling of belonging overwhelms her
Tears of joy flow freely as her heart soars
Combined in his words, his voice, his gaze
Enters her deeply and courses through her

Basking in his love, in his thoughts
Reflecting on how the loneliness was
Like a knife through her heart and soul
Severing them asunder, leaving her adrift

The healing has begun and the pain eases
Sitting and watching, waiting for a sign
Comfort envelops her tightly like a corset
Holding her straight, knowing her true path

Just a glimpse or the thought of him thrills her
Her excitement rises as a bow slides across strings
She’s his violin, skin the strings, his fingers the bow
Together they are in tune and sweet harmony flows

Her future is like a story unfolding, page after page
Written in thoughts, etched on the parchment of her soul
She thrills at every word, every intonation of syllables
Surrendering to desires and freeing all her passions

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Sweet Harmony Flows

Copyright unknown

A Beacon In the Darkness

A New Beginning

In falling you are released
Finding the bottom
Only one way to go
Reaching out
Hand holds are grasped

Moving into the light
Faded but glimmering
Like a beacon
It draws me in
Sharing your desires
Exploring as one

A new beginning
Unlocking desires
Peeling away the layers
Searching dark corners
Giving light to darkness
Complications vanish

Eyes mirrors for longing
Penetrating deeply
Assembling the letters
Creating sentences
Developing stories
Once fiction
Now living reality

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


Holding You Close

I Am Yours

When you want me
I will be here
When you are happy
I will be there
When you are sad
I will be there
When you feel alone
I will be there
When you are tired
I will be there

Opening my arms
Engulfing you
Holding you close
Keeping you safe
While you rest
While you sleep

When you want me
I am yours

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

An Autumn’s Eve

In Each Other’s Arms

An autumn wind blows
From the north cold
With the constant rain
Shivering to the bone
Fires burning bright
Windows closed tight
Trying to stay warm

To be near the fire
On an autumn’s eve
Snuggled in a fleece
Clutching a hot drink
Warmth surrounds
Warmth permeates
But still a coldness
No heat can warm

The loving caress
An understanding look
The knowing glance
A comforting embrace
Will dispel deepest cold

Warmth of heart
Warmth of soul
Without question
Without thought
Is true warmth

Sitting by the fire
On an autumn’s eve
Sharing understanding
Holding hands
Sharing life
Sharing love
No matter the weather
Warn in each other’s arms

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


Deep Into the Blue

My Joy

The curve of your breasts
Rising and falling
With every breath, taunting me

Knowing I am watching
Knowing you excite me
The hunger in your eyes
Devouring me

I reach out
My fingers entwine with yours
Pulling you close
Lips touch
Tongues dance

My hands caress
Your neck is soft
Skin as smooth as wine
Tracing the lines
Tickling your skin
A moan escapes

I hold your head
Pull you close
Brush the hair from your brow
Look deep into your eyes
I see the sadness
The longing
The desires
The joy
Sinking deep into the blue

Releasing your passion
Your desires
Your joy
Ending the longing
Burying the sadness

My desire
My pleasure
My joy

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.