An Oppressive Stench

The Shadow of Nearness

Dancers trip on sunlit beams reflecting on the waves
Demonic glances mirroring their inward convictions
Bursting forth like a kaleidoscope of silent gibberish
Threats held in check by swollen and pierced tongues

Row upon row of severed limbs tanning in the sunlight
Form guttered revelations holding obscene thoughts
The screech of reality longing to envelope the words
Rearranging and bending them into hateful utterances

Sightless birds sing in the grey distance echoing within
Cavernous, roofless rooms imprisoning waking dreams
Etched deep in the bricks oozing forth with decadence
Moments of loneliness cry forth, shivering in darkness

Bloodied, severed fingers point with hated accusation
Leaping to conclusions of prejudice without sympathy
Lips quivering with righteousness, spitting forth venom
Nibbling away like a raven plucking eyes from a cadaver

Hearts and souls withering in the shadow of nearness
A blackness that descends like a shroud enveloping all
Suffocating mind and body with its oppressive stench
Leaving desolation in the empty husks we’ve become

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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