Out of the Darkness

Endless Possibilities

The mind is sensual
The mind is erotic
And sexual
Where it all begins
Where it all ends
An unending exploration
If open
There will be fright
There will be hurt
And endless possibilities

When closed
There is fright
There is hurt
But no possibilities
Stagnation and toil
Desires locked away
Passions unspent
Longing for release
But doomed to remorse

Remorse of lost chances
Remorse of wrong turns
Remorse of hesitation

The mind is pliable
The mind learns
The mind grows
Changes and rearranges
Rebuilding strength
Stronger with every step
Brushing away the doubt
Moonlight becomes mysterious
Compelling, overpowering
Engulfing mind and body
Delivering you whole
Into strong hands

Hands that care
Hands that cherish
Hands that hold
The darkness at bay

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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