Every Nerve Aware

In My Arms

We moved in rhythm
As one together
Engulfing the other
Movement so fine
Movement so soft
In each other’s arms
Sweat mingling
Hearts beating as one

Skin sticking to skin
Stockings sliding
Smooth and soft
Your heat, your warmth
Surrounding me
Holding me tight

Desire in your eyes
Moans and cries
Escape parted lips
Muffled by kisses
Sweat beads on skin
Rivulets on thighs
Flesh tingling
Every nerve aware

My weight on you
Sinking into you
Pulling me closer
Wanting me inside
Not wanting to release

Rolling over
Pulling you down
Hands on your hips
Your head thrown back
Thrusting upwards
Every muscle straining

Pulling you close
Firm breasts
Pressed on me
Your scent fills the air
Its heady perfume
Musky and sweet

Movement increases
Hair wet and sticking
Skin moist and sliding
Your screams
My groans
A heavy exhale

On our sides
Not letting go
Holding tight
This feeling of bliss
Looking deep into eyes
Sensual kisses
Soft lips
Salty taste

Breath slowing
Heart beats calming
Falling asleep
Still entwined together
A gentle sleep
To awake in morning light
Still in my arms
Still in my heart

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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