Swimming In the Waters of Submission

Floating in the Warmth

Her mobile beeps
A special chime sounds
Knowing it is from Sir
A feeling of comfort
A feeling of warmth
A feeling full of excitement

A smile creeps onto her lips
Inside joyous rapture
Hiding it from all
Her secret world
Her secret desires

Finding that precious moment
To open the text and savor
Hearing his voice
Hearing his passion
In every single word

No matter how many times
She becomes weak in the knees
His caress
His breath
His firm hold over her

World around disappears
Only her Master is there
In her mind
In her body
In her soul
In her everything

Instructions read
Instructions obeyed
With excitement
With desire
Without hesitation

Surrendering herself
Her desires
Her passions
Her everything
Making her complete

Longing for his touch
Longing for his approval
Longing to please him
Floating in the warmth
In the waters of submission

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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