Her Task To Fulfill

Whispering To Her Desires

Her dreams have wings
Freed from confinement
A place to explore
For a place to rest

Waiting for their return
Gusts of wind hold promise
Whispering to her desires
Her passion blown asunder

It is the same dream
Writ large at night
Sleep escapes
Sadness envelopes

A longing for change
Sparked by her want
Not sated by self
Longing for release

Release through power
The lack of intoxicates her
Giving freely her mind
Exposing her body

Bound in his thoughts
Caressed with his words
Submitting to his will
Surrendering her all

Longing for his touch
Longing for it withheld
Building her passion
Controlled by him

The pang of emptiness
Fills her while awake
Needing to be filled
Feed through his hunger

A yearning to be nourished
With firm hand and mind
Excited by his desires
Her task to fulfill

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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