An Endless Journey

Her Special Name

His special name for her is a secret
When he whispers it she shivers
Weak in the knees, knowing she’s his
A feeling of comfort, of belonging

He holds her close, his touch magical
His thoughts, his words capture her whole
His control, strengthens her, fills her
Exposing all she hides from herself

She gives over control freely, willingly
Instilling contentment that releases her
Allowing him to nourish and guide her
Freeing herself from the hidden darkness

Passions released without hesitation
Trusting in his guidance and instruction
Knowing his care, his touch, his words
Binds her to him even when apart

His need to give her what she craves, desires
His protection and care gives him strength
Giving her the freedom of surrendering
Releasing her mind, easing her doubts

Exploring unknown paths, an endless journey
Towards knowing herself, her passions, her fears
He will harness them, mold them to her needs
Deeper and wider than her reservations allow

That special name spoken by him
Embodies the trust she has given him
A right she has bestowed upon him
For him to be Her sir, Her master

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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