Together as One


Your light shines through
Like a beacon
Drawing me in
Feeling your warmth
Sharing your desires
Opening new doors
Unlocking the old
Exploring as one

You hold me close
I hold you closer
Yielding to my touch
Eyes misty with desire
Body writhing in pleasure
Withholding touch
Longing and pain
Exhilaration mounts

Tactile fingers
Caress trembling flesh
Soft moans escape
Moisture gathers
Sensual aromas
All from touch

A need craved for
Hungered for
Blood pumping
Sweet scent wafts
Inhaling ambrosia
Glistening in light
Takes the plunge

Heart and soul bound
Together we’re one
Apart we are lost
Warmth surrounds me
A tight embrace

I feel your pain
You feel mine
Delving deep
Emerging whole
Hearts bound
Pain is a memory
Freedom is won
Longing dissipates
Release begins

From you comes understanding
From me comes acceptance
All that is you
Opening my heart
Asking you in
Binding flaws
Together as one

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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