A Feeling of Belonging

Sweet Harmony Flows

The sun twinkles through the leaves
Bird songs whisper on the gentle wind
A feeling of contentment surrounds her
In quiet contemplation she sits alone

Air is tinged electric with excitement
Her love, her everything, her desires
The music and literature of her soul
Are now free to roam and explore

The feeling of belonging overwhelms her
Tears of joy flow freely as her heart soars
Combined in his words, his voice, his gaze
Enters her deeply and courses through her

Basking in his love, in his thoughts
Reflecting on how the loneliness was
Like a knife through her heart and soul
Severing them asunder, leaving her adrift

The healing has begun and the pain eases
Sitting and watching, waiting for a sign
Comfort envelops her tightly like a corset
Holding her straight, knowing her true path

Just a glimpse or the thought of him thrills her
Her excitement rises as a bow slides across strings
She’s his violin, skin the strings, his fingers the bow
Together they are in tune and sweet harmony flows

Her future is like a story unfolding, page after page
Written in thoughts, etched on the parchment of her soul
She thrills at every word, every intonation of syllables
Surrendering to desires and freeing all her passions

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Sweet Harmony Flows

Copyright unknown


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