An Autumn’s Eve

In Each Other’s Arms

An autumn wind blows
From the north cold
With the constant rain
Shivering to the bone
Fires burning bright
Windows closed tight
Trying to stay warm

To be near the fire
On an autumn’s eve
Snuggled in a fleece
Clutching a hot drink
Warmth surrounds
Warmth permeates
But still a coldness
No heat can warm

The loving caress
An understanding look
The knowing glance
A comforting embrace
Will dispel deepest cold

Warmth of heart
Warmth of soul
Without question
Without thought
Is true warmth

Sitting by the fire
On an autumn’s eve
Sharing understanding
Holding hands
Sharing life
Sharing love
No matter the weather
Warn in each other’s arms

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.



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