Deep Into the Blue

My Joy

The curve of your breasts
Rising and falling
With every breath, taunting me

Knowing I am watching
Knowing you excite me
The hunger in your eyes
Devouring me

I reach out
My fingers entwine with yours
Pulling you close
Lips touch
Tongues dance

My hands caress
Your neck is soft
Skin as smooth as wine
Tracing the lines
Tickling your skin
A moan escapes

I hold your head
Pull you close
Brush the hair from your brow
Look deep into your eyes
I see the sadness
The longing
The desires
The joy
Sinking deep into the blue

Releasing your passion
Your desires
Your joy
Ending the longing
Burying the sadness

My desire
My pleasure
My joy

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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