A Star In the Darkness

Your Touch

Loss and remembrance
Melded together
Alone forever

Hearts can never forget
Can never be mended
But they can be healed

Moving on
Open eyes
Open mind
But most off all
An open heart

Grasping at every opportunity
Following the paths
Taking the twists
The turns
Dead ends
Taking wrong paths
Making the same mistakes
Learning with each step
Strength growing and widening

The light in your eyes
Smiles wide
Hand given
Hand taken

New paths

Your touch burns me
A slow burning fire
Once ignited cannot be extinguished
Fueled by your smile
The look in your eyes
Your soft kisses

When apart the ache returns
But the warmth you give me lingers
For your touch

Like stars in the dark night
Lighting up my darkness
Longing fades
Love bursts forth
Joy returns

Giving me comfort
Giving me hope
Giving me…


Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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